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Asheru – Boondocks Theme Song lyrics

I am the stone that builder refused
I am the visual
The inspiration
That made lady sing the blues

I'm the spark that makes your idea bright
The same spark
That lights the dark

So that you can know your left from your right

I am the ballot in your box
The bullet in your gun
The inner glow that lets you know
To call your brother son
The story that just begun
The promise of what's to come
And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won

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    Frogs Gilgamesh Dionysus
    In the show Riley Freeman and Huey Freeman are actually one person. Riley is the conscious mind while Huey is the unconscious mind. This is the key to understanding the entire show.

    Huey only knows the truth, only speaks the truth and always acts in accordance with the higher laws and principals of creation. This is how he is wise beyond his years. He is aware of all the manipulation that goes on in society at all levels and is able to see things for what they are, rather then how they appear to be on the surface level. Thus he never gets hung up on people’s age, race, gender, sexual orientation, material wealth or social status, but is solely interested in the contents of their mind and the quality of their character. He is also the fastest and strongest character in the show for this reason. He also has the ability to have prophetic dreams, which is a natural occurrence of an illuminated mind.

    Riley is the conscious part of the mind and is conditioned (brainwashed) by society to behave a certain way and is also very egotistical. Riley lacks the ability to think clearly and chooses to focus on social trends, fitting it, being cool, watching television and generally being ignorant. He is unable to see the flaws in himself, society, other people and generally respects individuals based on material wealth and their social status. He is also a homophobe as a cover for the fact that he is actually gay himself. Deep down Riley knows he is being suppressed but he is not sure who to blame and often thinks in terms too simple to ever reach the bigger picture or to get anywhere.

    Special thanks to Jeff Niderman and Katherine Vacek for collaboration.

    - by b.p.w.
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    I think that it refers to someone who is unwanted, maybe not perfect, "too much" of something. But in that imperfection is a uniqueness that cannot be overlooked. And it is a good thing, b/c he/she is not part of a larger structure, but an individual, not conforming to the norm. Inspirational for his or her appearance - provoking higher thought and wisdom. And he or she will remain that individual regardless of how he or she is viewed right now. And, that this viewpoint/person is "the promise of what's to come". And being a soldier may refer to people who are different not bending to the will of the norm - a fight against the oppression and stress of being different (the war).
    I do think that it refers to being black in america, but that it can mean any number of differences (gender, sexual preference, ability, etc.).
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    The stone that the builder refused is a reacuring theme in jesus teaching. The stone the builder refutes becomes the cornerstone, I. E. The leader. Its talking about huey and how he is not listened to, but one day he will possibly be the leader of a movement. Whoever thinks this rap doesn't make sense probably cannot comprehend any lyrics that are more than skin deep. This is very simple to decode.
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    I am the stone that builder refused- which is a term for them being black and the white's not wanting them.
    That made lady sing the blues-new orleans is home of the blues where it first originated in the early 1800's by blacks.
    I'm the spark that makes your idea bright
    the same spark that lights the dark
    so that you can know your left from your right-it means that certian person that always there 4 you and 2 inspire you.
    I am the ballot in your box the bullet in your gun the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother son-that means the person that is always by your side and pacificly how huey and riley look out for eachother like father and son no matter what.
    The story that just begun the promise of what's to come-means that is only the begining of there great adventures.
    And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won-means 2 things. 1 how huey is a domestisc terrorist and thinks for the future and 2 to completly stop segregation by being strong metally, phyisiclly and emotionally.
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    Well this theme song can be a subject to change in the society if only you understand the meaning of the lyrics but am just going to give it a literal explanation. Then you make your own interpretation based on what you've understood in the Boondocks series.

    I am the stone that builder refused:(This talks about complete ignorance. Stone, cement and water are very essential to a builder and stone especially is needed for laying foundations so when you are trying to build a structure and you choose to ignore one essential component, your foundation is weak and your building will definitely crumble in the nearest future).
    I am the visual.
    The inspiration.
    That made lady sing the blues:(Vision is a gift from the Almighty. Vision and Inspiration are used as synonymous terms here, where vision is the physical sight, inspiration is the inner sight. So penetrating ones inner sight is also a gift. The refused stone has assumed the position of a man here by the qualities he has placed on himself. Men are known to be the sight and women are the mind. Therefore making ladies sing the blues has to do with a deeper understanding between the refused stone and his soul mate{note: blues are songs much loved and appreciated by women which creates a form of intimacy unlike rap and hip-hop which are more appreciate by men folks})

    Am the spark that makes your idea bright:(Ideas are products of thinking, if you are given wrong informations, your thinking would most def be in the wrong way and if you are given the right infos, ur thinking would be in the right way. That same refused stone is a spark or light which gives you right infos and makes you think in the right direction therefore making your ideas bright).
    The same spark.
    That lights the dark.
    So that you can know your left from your right:(When you are caught up in a dark place, even with your eyes wide open, you are completely blind and do not know where to go, if it wasn't very dark you can as well as create a light for yourself but in a case of total darkness, you could get lost, you can be killed, manipulated, or you could choose to keep still until you find a light which would guide your movement. Well the same refused stone won't give you a complete light to guide your movement but just a spark so that you can know your left from your right;)

    I am the ballot in your box.
    The bullet in your gun (A ballot box is useless without ballots in it, a gun is also useless without bullets in it. So still back to the first point, emphasis have been placed on that refused stone just for you to capture it's inevitable importance).
    The inner glow that lets you know.
    To call your brother son (Its kind of an irony calling your brother son tho, but when conditions becomes critical and you know you are in a better state of taking responsibility than a so called father, you replace the role of your so called father and your brothers and sisters bcoms sons and daughters to you)
    The story that just begun.
    The promise of what's to come (In a Prophetic view of reasoning, promises are meant to come to pass, so when you are more of a spiritual being, you'll believe in prophesies yea! So the refused stone whose story has just begun is going to fulfil a Prophesy which will come to pass later on).
    And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won (The duty of a soldier is to fight for a specific course, so the refused stone has chosen the role of a soldier to defend his territory and fight for what's truly he's until he assumed the position he plays in the building of his foundation).

    Now the question you should be asking is who is this refused stone? Well watch the Boondocks and find out. Even an average minded person can figure that out real quick.
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