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As I Lay Dying – Comfort Betrays lyrics

You sat and watched
As I nearly destroyed myself
Never had I felt so betrayed
That you would sacrifice my life
For no more than comfort
And now your love means nothing to me
You are a coward, the antithesis of a friend
Take action before there is
No one left to defend
For I would have stood by you
Right to the gates of hell

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Submitted byCrusheader


  • m
    I think it means that some of us hide The Truth (as professed by aild) from a friend just for the sake of our comfort. This song is sung by that friend to us. He trusted us and we did not reveal the truth that could have saved him just for the sake of our comfort. He says he'd have been with us to the gates of hell, but we've betrayed him. We've been cowards.
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  • a
    Okay a lot of good opinions the song meaning but. The song is about a friend (Or friends) who sat and watched as the writer (Tim) nearly destroyed himself, probably giving into depression, anger bitterness, and then things like alcohol and hard drugs, and this “ Friend” just sat there on his a* and watched it happen because he didn’ t want to be bothered by it…. He didn’ t want to leave his comfort zone, this “ Friend” was probably a Christian and knew Tim needed the answers but didn’ t want to confront him with it because he was comfortable were he was. And based on “ I would have stood by you right to the gates of hell” it was probably someone very close to him, he’ s also telling cowards like this who are to afraid to help people they care about for fear of feeling awkward need to get on the stick because pretty soon you’ ll have no friends left to help.
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  • r
    O. K. You both have pretty good opinions on what the song is about, but. Take into account the name of this song and how this band are Christian. They speak of comfort, complacency and how staying dependent to this comfort will ultimately lead you to hell. The lyrics state that the singer almost let comfort (here personified as a being) destroy him/her, and that even though comfort may seem like a great friend, in the end, it betrays and will destroy you.
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