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As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left lyrics

This world was never worthy
But how can I call it unfaithful
Every promise was fulfilled
As decay crawled from it's throat
Like the dead rising from an open grave (2x)
Lips of splendor and tongue of deceit
All dying now as our fragile wrists hold only waste

Like those gasping for their last breath
We cannot hide there's nothing left

Like those gasping for their last breath
We cannot hide there's nothing left

(Nothing left) 2x
(There's nothing left)
(Nothing left)

If All my sorrow has led me here
Then I would cry all of my tears
To have this chance again (2x)
I know there's more than this
I know there's more than you

Like those gasping for their last breath
We cannot hide there's nothing left

Like those gasping for their last breath
We cannot hide there's nothing left

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Submitted byCrusheader
Corrected bySJoyce

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  • u
    Everyone hating on the religious material of this song, why? Their a christian band who likes to rockout. The true meaning of this song, has to do with when we die there won't be anything left. We can't take what we have with us. "lips of splendor and tongue of deceit.
    All dying now as our fragile wrists hold only waste. "
    I didn't just make up the meaning to the song, I saw as I lay dying play friday at mayhem fest and the singer actually said this is what the song means before he sang.
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  • u
    Dear everyone,.
    Just believe what you want and don't shove your crap down the throat of someone who has already made up their mind. K?
    Rendar-please. Don't insult all of our religions. Either an intelligent being made the universe or a big explosion of hydrogen caused the other gases to form and react and mutate and create life and somehow by coincidence our pretty little planet is in the right spot for life. It's simple. You believe or you don't.
    Now the lyrics- I think the song is talking about how mankind lies, says it will fulfill its promises, but it twists things and creates a huge hole. The narrator sees this and believes that there has to be something more than the hate, lies, and false promises, but the 'dead rising from their graves' are saying "there's nothing left," tempting him into saying "if all my sorrow has led me here, then i would cry all of those tears to have this chance again. " it means he's saying that if it's his unwillingness to believe this is all there is, then he would endure all that pain again to have the chance to start over.
    It might not have all that much to do with god. But it could.
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  • l
    Rendar, so how do you think this earth came to be, let alone the universe. You follow Darwin's theory or what? Does it explain the fact that if we had more or less oxygen in the atmosphere we would die. Ever think about the sun? We are in the perfect spot to where if we were closer we would die, if we were a bit farther we would freeze to death, and how about the axis of the earth? Its angle is also perfect, if it was otherwise crops would freeze. This happened by accident? Highly unlikely.
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  • m
    Now I'm not about to start telling anyone is right or wrong here, I mean I'm an atheist personally. But leftundone, along with everyone else, yes, the earth is "perfect" for us, but take a second to think about how vast and old the universe is, and that its only a matter of time until something like earth is created. And as far as creation of the universe is concerned, the same question can be asked about god, how did he (or she, w/e) come to be? I mean, all powerful or not, there is no power when nothing exists. So ultimately, its just faith that you go by, not logic, not reason. And you know what, I have no problem with that, I go by the same reasoning. Just please, don't go around preaching something when both sides ultimately end up hitting the same dead end.
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  • r
    Shut the hell up Catarak1, God isn't real, and there is no reason we aren't worthy for what is on Earth. Maybe you're not worthy because you still chase fairy tales in the belief that they are real. But you say it is real? Well, I might as well say Santa Claus is real and the Easter bunny and the damn Tooth Fairy. They are way more believable that 'god' is. Sorry pal.
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