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As Hope Dies – My Words To You lyrics

Now show me the reason
Behind your actions
That left me alone
And covered in scars
So I search for comfort
And healing to somehow
Rid these demons
And set me free
I hope for a place
Without suffering or tears
And I long for that day
When I can look you in the eye
And hear the echo of your voice
Again in silence I lay and my thoughts
And wishes are of you but your gone
And I feel that a part of me is lost
As well so this is my comfort
And this is my release these are my words
To you one day we will burn these writings to
Find comfort and erase the past and rewrite
These words and it will be
The chorus to our lives

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    A couple are together and they think their in love but something happens and they break up and but they feel empty on the inside they feel like and they find each other one day and they talk and they fall for each other again and they try again but this time they realize they are happy together and they have more comfort together then they are apart cause they are made for each other and they burn they writing and erase everything from their past cause none of it matters any more cause they have changed they are in love now and their past don't matter anymore so they rewrite their story and it perfect and the words they say are the word of how much they love each other.
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