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Army Of The Pharaohs – Visual Camouflage lyrics

I lay puzzled as I backtracked to earlier times
While I'm in rock constructed temples of unearthly design
Astoroglists who follow us attempt to search for a sign
Now cops bother us follow us to search for a nine
Asking Apathy to kill it a verse or rhyme
Ridiculous would you ask the Sliver Surfer to shine
I would merk you murder you turn you burgundy with the burner
Burst you bubble snuff you upper cut you like you had nerve to touch a [? Curtis virgin?]in the burka yelling durka durka
[To much lyrics spit to fast please help]

Yeah, I got a reason to slaughter these villians
Kept the die?

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm the god of rap Paz is just evil and vizal
Shut your motherfucking mouth while I'm speaking represso
Vinnie snatch a motherfucker I'll steal it [? Copesso?]
Why would I ever question whether he was successful
Murder rapper you dirty rapper eating a cesspool
I have an hunnid motherfuckers that's eager to check you
And a bunch of Sicilianos that's eager to get you
I never felt any remorse never seen any regretful
The nine circa's of hell is for the demon essential
I feel like Brock? When he see through the threshold
I'm Bray Wyatt dummy you ain't too eager to wrestle
[King Magnetic]
Squeeze the pretzel reason I met you
Was either to wet you or grieve in your mental
And leave your essentials the reason I treat em like suckas
They fuckin suckas B
It's not a feature list it's names of people that can't fuck with me
Ruptured teeth, structured beef more than epic meal does
Crack your egg with a 40 watch what wearing steel does

[Celph Titled]
Oh you a ufc fighter (Word)
Lets see if you could be a uzi survivor
I'm shoot on arrival
Get money and rob jewelry (Ya heard)
Let them shots turn your ditty bop to a funky [?]
You will contort and have a seizure (Yup)
No barbers here but we will put a part in your ceasar
Skim our qr code and see an ar scope
You won't be seen again til we do a Séance show
Am I ak though? Got a knife on the tip
If anybody want action put a price on a bitch
I pay marketing teams to promote my records
I get paid to promote gun violence and talk reckless
My Saint Bernard keep a artillery in his?
This ain't a magic wand or baton, it's just that tec with the arrows
I spray that tec in the am, make you sway in the morning
And in night it's just yo family crying pray in the morning

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