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Ares Kingdom – A Dream Of Armageddon lyrics

As I awaken to this dream
I saw fire rain from the skies
Blasting from the portals of hell
Black clouds descending darkly

The northern hills and valleys
Scorched by Armageddon's hand
Blackened hills and valleys
Firestorm consumes all the dead
All the dead...

Black clouds drive across the face of the sun
A Blood-red spirit rising eastward
Chokes on glowing red embers
Freed by the winds of ignorance

War expands like a pool of blood
To cover the earth with crimson
The Gauntlet is smashed into the dirt
And the standard bearer is slaughtered first
Spreading like a fever in the night
Primal hatred infects once righteous souls
A holy war of attrition embraces death
And fear is left to brood in the shadows

The credo is drowned out by rocket's red glare
Belched from silos frothing smoke
Oh beautiful for spacious skies
That rained down waves of dread
Blackened landscape majesty
Across slash and burned plains
Black wings's firestorm holocaust

Enfulfs all the dead...

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