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Arc Angels – Too Many Ways To Fall lyrics

A mother has her baby boys and a father
Doesn't call
And from this saddening parody
Someone will have to crawl
Yes crawl through all the dark memories
Everyone and all
'Cause there's just one way
That you can stand
Too many ways to fall
All we have is here and now
Tomorrow may not come true
There's a million people who walk this ground
Who might steal your wish from you
A million people maybe not
A human one at all
There's just one way that we can stand
Too many ways to fall
Well they might be on the fire escape
They might be down the hall
They might be watching every
Move you make
Through the pinhole in the wall
They're sworn to their duty
And they stand so proud and tall
They say it's nothing personal
It's just a job that's all
The mother says now baby boy
You're gonna have to choose
There's good and evil, love and greed
And they're all inside of you
And just as sure as gravity
No one escapes the law
'Cause there's just one way
That we can stand
Too many ways to fall
So when you wake up in the bushes
Passed out on the lawn
And suddenly it dawns on you
That mother wasn't wrong
It all comes back like dj vu
You just can't help but recall
'Cause there's just one way
That we can stand
Too many ways to fall

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