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Arbiter – Death Or Glory lyrics

I have seen you beaten to bruises and bloodshed.
I have heard you choking on your cries for help.
Trudging through a life of fear and frustration.
Every day you're hoping for a reason to be.

[Knocked Down]
Pinned down, fists to the body: "Please let me see, a brighter day!"
Aspirations aflame... (what is there left to believe?)
They will watch us she'd the skin of opression, and break the chains of fear!

[Get Up]
Stand tall, never kneel before them. Laugh in their face, as they try to destroy who you are.
We will be beside you as you get up off the floor
And we will be beside you as you unleash the vow you swore...
Unleash the years of silence, let go of the burning power.
Look up: never hide your face in shame. Stand up: this is a new beginning.
Join me, we will never stand down!
Join me, we will never stand down!
Feel the rage, overcome, drown them in oceans:
Unleash the years of silence, embrace the need to kill.
Pulverize those who have kept you down: a fist to the jaw of the opressor.

[Break Free]
We will conquer, with unity and pride!
We will conquer, with unity and pride!
And looking at these scars we will smile with that pride,
Knowing we earned them from fighting for a place in life!
Come on!
We earned these scars with pride!

[Dumb and Dumber: "You know what I'm sick and tired of, Harry?
I'm sick and tired of having to eek my way through life,
I'm sick and tired of being a nobody.
But most of all... I'm sick and tired of having nobody. "]

... Together we Stand...
... Together we Fight...
... Together we Stand...
... Now, we are one!

Now, we are one!
Standing here today, giving all we have!

[Chronicles of Riddick: "Get that ass MOVING!"]

Death or Glory.

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