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Ape – Wow Man lyrics

Had a friend who played a little game
He played it so much he went mentally insane, oh yeah
Him and that game will never be apart
And he's just sitting in the dark
Never leaves his basement
Wont go downtown to pay the rent
Never fuckin goes outside
He rather stay down there and die

He's the World of Warcraft man
(That poor bastard)
World of Warcraft man
(Locked in his basement)

Saw him last week grew in his beard
Gotta admit it looked kinda weird, oh yeah
Him and the game still not apart
And he's just playing in the dark
Still won't leave the basement
Getting evicted for not paying the rent
Won't chill out for a fuckin beer
Not since World of Warcraft's here


Come on corey
Get out now
Times wastes away
Time is running out time is running out

Went to the bar went to the club
Not wow man he ain't getting bud, oh yeah
Him and that game will never be apart
So he'll remain in the fuckin dark
Lost his job, lost his girl
Lost his friends, fuckin lost his world
Lost everything that he once held dear
But fuck em all World of Warcraft's here


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