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Another Life – I Am Nothing lyrics

I am a twisted pile of flesh
I am hole that screams
This dying light reveals me
Just as I am

I am a bleeding wound
I am a river running dry
This scorching light reveals
As I'm laying down to die

Where are these leaves that withered?
That flew away in the wind
Where are the winds that carried them?
That caressed our cheeks

Those rains that washed away all pain
And took the dark away

Those rains that felt so cleansing
They really washed our souls

Those rains that came from skies are gray
Yet those skies never seemed this bleak
Maybe just because we had no fear inside

Remember those cotton pines
The starfish and the unicorns that crossed the sky
Remember all those things I told you
Soon I will be nothing more
Than a memory to you
A memory that slowly will fade away

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