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Another Life – Cotton Pines lyrics

Someone told me long ago
About a land of cotton pines
Where geese and wolves play at dawn
And nightfall never comes
In the horizon you could see the wings
Of the flying blessed and free
A land like that inside every soul
It's said that there will be

The magic in water drops washes our minds away
Flowing through the streams of time
Embraced by the lukewarm sand
No battered remains of the cold and gray
Will ever hold us back

Speaking the words that brings me there
Won't be an easy quest
Because hidden in the riddles

May be dangers that lurks upon me
So if you hold my hand and pray
That nothing dark may pass our way
You'll see we'll soon be there
Greeted by the elves that wrote our names
In songs that's still unheard

Will yous till be here when the night falls down
And the dream has come to end
Will your soothing words keep the dark away

I wish we could remain like this
Throughout the days that's left to live
Cold and gray walls confine but together we can fly
Where cotton pine grow tall and noe one ever dies

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