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Ambrosia – Danse With Me George lyrics

(pack - puerta - north - drummond)

Until I met you baby
I only played with the band
But when I play my polonaise now
On my piano grand

I can't help but thinkin'
Of our first one night stand
When my precious hands were tinkling
On my little georgie sand

Come on and danse with me george

The pants you're wearing mama
And the cigar in your hand
Sorta put me off at first
I didn't understand

But now I love my vichy mama
I adore you and
I wouldn't ever leave you baby
For another man

Come on and danse with me george

You know your lips can spout quotations
But when your hips start their gyrations
They can thaw valley forge
Danse with me george

The memoirs of a mademoiselle
Far ahead of her time
Has left us all a legend
That's never gonna die

To say your ways were novel
Would be a lousy pun
But of late I've been feelig awful
I want to have me some fun

So come on
Put your pen aside baby
Come on
Your lips are driving me crazy

We could talk this out I'm sure
If you would just shut your mouth
So come on,
So come on,
Da, da, da danse with me george

Well your lips can spout quotations (waltzin', minuet, mazurka)
But when your hips start their gyrations (doin' it 'till we're beserka)
They could thaw valley forge
Danse with me george

Le danse

The legend that you leave us is never gonna die.....

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    The title is actually "Danse with me George (Chopin's Plea)". The song is from the viewpoint of the composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, who had an affair with George Sand. Sand was a female French novelist who wore men's clothing and smoked in public, shocking behavior for the mid-1800's.

    If you understand this background you can easily understand all the plays on words that Ambrosia has used.
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