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Ambrosia – Holding On To Yesterday lyrics

Well, I keep holding on to yesterday
I keep holding on enough to say that I'm wrong
I keep thinking that I'm lonely
But it's only missing you inside
Days when we were once together
Seems we'd never come alive
So I keep holding on to yesterday
I keep holding on enough to say that it's wrong
Lord I don't know when I'll see you
I can't reach you anymore

Well if I'd only known I'd need you
Then I'd keep you like before

Ooo ooo ooh
Ahh ahh ahh

Well I keep holding on to yesterday (yesterday)
I keep holding on enough to say
That I'm wrong wrong wrong to keep holding on
My yesterdays have all gone by...

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    This man's heart was broken long ago by his first true love. She left him standing, life never to be the same. He yearns for the kind of deep love he once felt and feels like it will never repeat. A hopeless sadness only she can save him but he can't even reach her. A hopeless sadness someone needs to show him real love again.
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    He longs for the way it used to be. A sad man wanting this woman he loves so much to love him as he does her but before he so obviously took it all for granted. But in the end, it is the end.and he knows it but man he longs to have it back. So he holds on to the past ( yesterday ). But the if I'd only known I'd need you then I'd keep you like before. To me he is saying if I had ever thought you would leave I would have never quit with the small things, the kisses, dancing in the kitchen, calling just to say I love you, not taking the small things for granted. All the things he needs to keep this love alive and not a yesterday's romance.
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