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Alicia Keys – How Come You Don't Call Me lyrics

Well right now,
I'm gonna have to go back to another joint

Uh Yeah Uh
Well well well well
I'm gonna have to tell ya'll something
It goes something like this uh
You see, I was gonna start singing right there
But you know (take your time girl)
I desided I wanted to bad dream a little bit
(Talk about it, talk about it)
Cause I don't appreciate this none love
That I'm getting
You know I'm not getting the none love
Let's do it like this ya know

I keep your picture beside my bed
And I still remember,
Every little thing said
Always thought that maybe baby
Our love was so rare I guess I was wrong
Can ya'll say: All wrong
(All wrong)
Always thought you'd be by my side
But papa baby but now you're gone

I don't know, I'm not liking that
You know what I'm sayin

All I wanna know baby is
If what we had was good
And say,
How come you don't call me... ooo ...anymore baby?
You know what I'm sayin.. Ahhh

I'm gonna have to take this to the bridge
I'm so mad

Some times it feels like
I'm gonna die
If you don't call me father
Oooo.. You got to try it
Ill get down in my knees
Hoping you please
Please (x6)
Won't ya call me sometime papa

You know I'm tryin to understand
What's taking this man so long
You know what I mean
Just pick up the phone and call me

Let me hear ya'll say, just say
Call me: (Call me)
Say call me: call me(x7)
Ahhhh.. Call me baby (call me baby)
Call me call me baby, call me anymore
Let me hold back (hahaha)

All I wanna know baby is
If what we had was good
And say: How come you don't call me


Oh I'm gonna need a towel up here
All I wanna know baby
If what we had was good and say:
How come you don't call me
Oooohhh! I want you to call me
How come you don't call me

I know that you want me
I know that you need me
(how come you don't call me)

Baby how come you don't wanna call me

Yeah, you know what I mean
This guy(hahaha)
Thank you, I appreciate your support

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