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alexthomasdavis – Hundreds Of Thousands lyrics

A thousand ways to kill a friend
A thousand coins to never spend
A thousand plays to memorize
A thousand ploys to sterilize
A thousand facts I'll never brag
A thousand smokes I'll never drag
A thousand jokes I'll never bag
A thousand pacts I'll never flag
A thousand skirts I'll never mend
A thousand cards I'll never send
A thousand yards I'll never stare
A thousand shirts I'll never wear
A thousand beads I'll never sing
A thousand reeds I'll never sing
A thousand ropes I'll never sling
A thousand hopes I'll never bring
All this time I thought of you
Is something wrong with your head too
You can't heal my broken mind
Cos you're not one of a kind
A thousand books I'll never read
A thousand cooks I'll never feed
A thousand corks I'll never re
A thousand talks I'll never see
A thousand words I'll never get
A thousand birds I'll never sweat
A thousand seeds I'll never need
A thousand mouths I'll never feed

A thousand walks I'll never do
A thousand greys I'll never kill
A thousand forks I'll never use
A thousand ways to look at you
A thousand pills to never take
A thousand grills to never shake
A thousand dreams I never had
A thousand smiles were never sad

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    This song is about having a thousand things to do/see/accomplish but never doing them! It stems from the line 'A Thousand Shirts I'll Never Wear'. I wrote the whole thing from this notion. Its a trick I learnt pretty early on, that you can write forwards or backwards from a line, it doesn't just have to begin with that certain line. This also makes the line have more impact and stand out more if you get the sentiment right. It can really emphasise an idea or thought.
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