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alexthomasdavis – Love Mist lyrics

It was only yesterday
When this kiss was bliss
Whats happened since
Is simply what youve missed
Im really sorry
But theres been a little hitch
Now youre stepping under all my lovemist
Love mist love mist love mist
You took my breath
When you took my wrist
But that was yesterday
Look at what youve missed
Im gonna take away
Your one and only wish
And you can stew all day
In the thickest mist
Love mist love mist love mist
I dont think that i will kiss
Those great big fat pearly lips
Thats caused this terrible lovemist

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis

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Love Mist meanings

  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    This song is about when you have a fling with someone then feel bad about it afterwards. It happens all the time. I just need one girl, whys it so hard! mmm. The chorus is C and D which I rarely use..came out quite well.. I was going to rerecord this song to make it more generic but I liked this take.
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