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Albert Hammond – Everything I Want To Do lyrics

Everything I want to do
I only want to do with you.
Everything I want to do
I only want to do with you.

I will always have a bed to sleep on
And there'll always be a side for you.
To let you in to half my world
Baby that's the least that I can do
And I don't want to go to work
Unless you're there when I get back home
And if you're not there I won't eat
'Cause I don't want to eat alone.

Everything I want to do . . .

I don't ever want a house and garden
In the quiet of a dead end town
But if that's what you require me
Then I'll want to settle down.
And I don't want kids of mine
Runnin' round and raisin' hell
But I don't care what my kids do
If they belong to you as well.

Everything I want to do . . .

So come with me and stay with me
And be with me ev'rywhere I go
And love with me and live with me
And watch with me as the garden grows.
I don't ever want to be an old man

I don't ever want to die alone.
To face the shadows of my life
But never never on my own.

Everything I want to do .

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