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Akrobatik – U Got It lyrics

{what's the deal?

[Verse One]
I'm apprehensive towards ladies 'round the way
They tend to have to have so much to show and so little to say
But once in a while a diamond's found deep beneath the cold
Madd deep like my rhyme is found deep beneath my soul
But you, you fit the bill
Me and you was fit to chill
In your prescence yo I can't sit still
You a queen like no other, all people lover
Instinctive nurturer, the perfect future mother
And not brainwashed by TV
So when we speak we can exchange true philosophy
Figure curvacious mad vivacious
Ambition lever tenacious good gracious
We need to move into a spot that's spacious
And conjure up a plan to unite the races
I'm saying lady ain't no doubt about it
[scratch 2x]
Every move you make is graphic
I thought it was a myth a honey could stop traffic
Apealling mind body and soul
Daily focus with your head keeping self control

I said excuse me baby dog but I like your style
I said excuse me baby dog

[Verse Two]
Exquisite mentality's a requisite
If it's to your peoples benefit then you reppin' it
It's definite, your always the shit I hope I step in it
Cuz you got to get a brother off his ass weapon kit
And I'm trying to motivate
There's nothing sexier than when a woman know the state of the world
The reason I say woman not girl is cuz you earned it
You on some shit like if it's a lesson then I'm a learn it
Fuck a fur coat you'd rather save the mink ("right")
And you ain't stressin' ice unless you need it for the drink
("I think") Me and should have a conference
Cuz anything other than me and you building is nonsense
But you busy with your many endeavors
So I guess that we could talk about this shit whenever
And when you walk away you got nothing up your sleeve
I hate to see you go but I don't mind watching you leave
[scratch 2x]
Every move you make is graphic
I thought it was a myth a honey could stop traffic
Apealling mind body and soul
Daily focus with you head keeping self control


[scratch 5x followed by long scratch session]

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