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Akrobatik – Moondust lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen... It is now star time
Ladies... And gentlemen... It is now... Star time
Let us begin
It's star time time to shine let's begin
Open your mind and let Ak-er-o in
My style come from deeper than Neptune
Akrobatik came to bring the boom from next tomb to next tomb
Old school like Space Invaders or Asteroids
Akrobatik that's the boy he bring the rap world joy
I bring the joy but I can also show the heinous
Of your brain in a darker black hole than Uranus
I swing it for my queen 'cause she love me like Venus
That's Aphrodite blacks rock your afro tightly
This year I hold heads don't take Akro lightly
I rip shit in the Milkyway the stars are unsightly
Deliverin messages with the speed of Mercury
Sonin' emcees like Zeus did to Hercules
I'm breakin shit down to moondust line by line
It's star time so shine
Shine shine shine it's star time
Shine shine shine it's star time
Shine shine shine like moonlight
My style will run a ring around the world like Satur-in
With I'll lyric Patter-in
So hot that all the mercury is splatterin'
My brain cells are large like Jupiter
While other kids mentality get stupider and stupider
Talkin 'bout their street star wars
Can't rock for eight bars eyes redder than Mars
Put that rapper on the spot if I don't see that he's tight
Then I'll shower his platoon with verbal meteorites
I'm not the type to sweat what the media writes
Emcees is way off like Pluto 'cause they feed into hype
A lot of kids heads blow up like supernovas
But Ak's down to earth so I maintain worth
It's star time time to shine let's begin
Open up your mind and let Ak-er-o in
I'm breakin shit down to moondus

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