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Adventure Time – Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries lyrics

Daddy, why did you leave me?
You created me
So don't you wanna see me?

Daddy, why did you make me
If you're not gonna take me
To get a burger and a shake-y

My cursed blood is your cursed blood
Come on back and be my bud
I can count your visits on my fingertips
Come back and give me presents from your business trips

Daddy, why did you father me
If all you wanna do is bother me?
Don't you know that I love you?
I only wanna see more of you

Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
I bought them
And they were mine
But you ate them
Yeah you ate my fries
And I cried
But you didn't see me cry

Daddy, do you even love me?
Well, I wish you would show it
Because I wouldn't know it

What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries
And doesn't even look her in the eyes?
Daddy, there were tears there
If you saw them, would you even care

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Submitted by1lovealaska


  • justme77
    This whole songs has to do with a father-daughter feud. Not much is known about Marceline and Hunson Abadeer, except that there were times of hardship, and a period when he abandoned her, claiming that he was going on a business trip, leading to the encounter with Simon (song/episode "I remember you"). The relationship is unstable between the Lord of Evil and the vampire queen, and any little thing can set off emotional trauma, like theft of fries from a father. This song is merely Marceline blowing off steam through music.
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