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40 Glocc – Truth Hurts lyrics

Welcome to the real world
Imagine a prostitue could be a little girl
Going to... To make it in the world
She know that it is possible to get it in the world
Nothign's imposible when yuo're dealign with the world
She know that it is possible to get it int he world
Nothign's imposible when yuo're dealign with the world
'Cause... To life dfor diams and perles
... Murder case just gave them life
Life is a gamble when you... Dice
Hope we livin free to see the next...
World's corrupoted we hope to see the sky
... In front man kind
The one and... Should give try dime
... Posses the hard of the line
Livin in hell... My shoes on fire
I'm an angel from heavne
My wings is broke and keeps me from fly

... That's why I...
... Unknown oh no

Mama always... Liek a queen... Dream me liek... Small thing s
Now I know she need
Caught up in the high... What can it mean
... The rbng
Tryint to make... All is see si the faem
Been the... I'm an angel from heaven
My wind is broken... Life divine
Relife I know
Life I knw
That's why I...
We we are... More

See I'm broken... Can you feel me
I'm tryin to amek you understand I can... Niggas gave me on the...
This is real what I do don't' you know

... Grew up without balance
Qhen it's... To a reall nigga on the highway to ehaven
... Before I go
Life's a dream when you... Institutions... By nine... Just to help em cope
As the ass burn I'm an angel from heavn


Gridn liek divine real life I know, lifew I knwo
That's why I
... Life divine... Oh no
See... Can you feel me
I'm tryin to amke you understand oh
I... Can nothing gave me
This is real what I do...
Don't you know...

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