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Ankhlejohn – Paul Janssen lyrics
[Intro: ankhlejohn]
Hey, baby‚ you the one sold me the drugs I'm gettin' high on‚ come on‚ man
Yo, don't fuckin' walk away from me, nigga
I sold you those drugs so that you could make money
You forgetful motherfucker
You got high‚ so you fucked up, nigga, you
Oh‚ I fucked up?
Yeah, you fucked up
This is a Shaap Records exclusive
Shaap shit only
Fuck wrong with these niggas?
Niggas know my name, nigga, Big Lordy
The one thing I don't play around with is niggas, man, you hear me? Yeah
What's the motherfuckin' dealy? Fuckin' hear me?
Fuck these niggas talkin' 'bout?
Stop playin' with these young niggas, man
Ayy, check

[Verse 1: ankhlejohn]
I got switched up the most, some of the niggas I came up with
If you was with me before and not now, you can suck dick
On my way to Keshia house, got a tough grip
She the type that make niggas nut quick
I was raised up out of them trenches, not a fuck to give (Not at all)
Converged up and I still stuff for ribs
For niggas, I make it tough to live
His mother lost his son, I had to rub her tears
Nigga, I'm somethin' that the public fears
You already know what the fuck it is
No cock with my rap like I don't fuck with Lids
So many people I disappointed
I'm the one that's anointed
You wanna talk to me, bitch, make an appointment
You can't beat 'em, then join 'em, call heads on a coin flip
Fentanyl came in a little tube like Neosporin ointment, yeah
Defeated the odds, now we feast with the gods
I pull strings like niggas playin' the guitars
I let my nuts hang, my penis is large
The meanest of broads wanna see about ours
She fat as shit, Lord, I can see from afar
Niggas got no heart, petty ass mad got your bro up like a go-kart
Let niggas tell it, they relish
Move keys like Mozart, shit
You remind me of them back-in-the-day niggas
Asking for a dollar in front of the store
Shrug my shoulder, nothing to say to niggas, yeah
Kind of like Mitch did to Uncle Ice
I sold you drugs so you could buy somethin' nice (Stupid nigga)
You the one that took that flight
Gettin' high all night, stuffin' the pipe
Nigga, go get your life, shit
Your daddy was a rat, nigga, your set drop some mice, shit
Niggas stuck in the can feelin' trapped for life
Find the og on the ten, well, and ask him for advice

Like what should I do?
Gettin' out of here and never comin' back to this shit

[Verse 2: Rome Streetz]
Yo, you know who the fuck it is
My niggas movin' things, we all kings, pulling strings like a puppeteer
You small ball niggas ball down, this the upper tier
Gemstone bars cut your ear, I stunt and gear this fear
My motherfuckin' nuts hang like a chandelier
My bitch ill like Pam Grier, rock Chanel and gold Cartiers
Your whole squad is queer
You're running at your top speed, sweating like a motherfucker, still gettin' nowhere (Y'all niggas is bums)
I do this at my own pace
Used to rob niggas with the mask on, now magazines asking for pics of Rome's face
Collect the currency first, a ho is what I don't chase
You prayin' to that mystery god, that shit is so fake
Deaf and blind swine eaters
Been knew the world was mine, didn't need no confirmation from a palm reader
Been through mad shit, my life a page out the Don Diva
Been a fly nigga, I get pussy with my mom's features
How I sound is like Farrakhan's speeches
I show the devil what long reach is, we hard to hear
Me and ankhlejohn is morphine and fentanyl mixed
Raw shit
These niggas ain't no calm, they all corpses (Niggas is dead)
Nothing as hard as this
Sniff 'til your nose lose all the cartilage
What I record is marvelous, motherfucker

Shaap shit only

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