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We The Kings – August Is Over lyrics

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  • roflolskid
    I think this song is the story of two people, not expecting to find love on a summer's night, but they do anyways. She was shy, and he was confident. They had the summer of their lives, but soon enough summer was over and they would never see each other again. They wish that their vacation could last forever, so they wouldn't have to leave each other behind and go back home. Sounds mega cheesy but that's just what I think. :)
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  • h
    Its the story of two people who find summer love. But distance and summer tear them apart at the end of august. This just happened to me. I still talk to him but its so hard b/c it hurts so much to know that you can't see him. We both don't feel ready for a long distance relationship but I miss him terribly. I'm just waiting for the day he finds another girl, someone better, and someone he can have. Or even worse, one day he becomes tired of me and I become an annoyance instead. It hurts to know itll come, but it hurts even more to know that you can't do anything about it.
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  • s
    I think it's saying that it was summer, and they both met eachother, and didn't mean to but they feel in love. They were so focused on eachother they didn't realize that they had to leave eventually, and when the final days came, they tried to have it be normal, but they couldn't. And when they left, it was over, all because summer just had to end.
    I had this happen, and I sent this song to him, I cried for like an hour.
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  • u
    I think it's about a summer love. The didn't mean to but it happened. "We were careless hearts tht got caught up in this". They were so caught up with each other they neglete to see the time passing or they just didn't want to. "Breathe in deep before I say, 'I can feel us slip away.'" Is when they were saying goodbye and they were "slipping away". "You're good as gone." They've pretty much come to terms with what's happening here but it doesn't make it much better they have just acknowledged the fact they're leaving because summer is over. "Please say-AY-AY what you gotta say - ay - ay!" Is basically the goodbyes and I love yous and the whole same Bit from the movies I don't watch anymore because I always cry. So yeah. August is over. </3
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  • k
    I think its about these two college bound students who fall in love. "Till the night you drove me wild. And you crashed into me" And then when they have to go seperate ways " breathe in deep and say goodbye" it probably signifies those deep breathes you take before you start crying and they don't want to see each other cry making them more depressed. " You're almost gone. You're good as gone. August is over" It pretty much says that they can't do anything about it and school begins again in September and that is the usual time college starts.
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