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We The Kings – Skyway Avenue lyrics

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    I don't no what this song means. Its very deep like most of their other songs. If you jump, I will jump too. We will fall together. That's a pretty deep line. The music video doesn't really match the song in my opinion. It seems like they're spending their last moments together before something happens. They're deeply in love. Great meaningful song. There should be more songs like this these days, instead of s*s and s*.
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    A relationship that's not quite love, not just yet- this is one telling the other that they want it to be love, 'never looking back' is the declaration of a new stage in the relationship 'so whats left to prove, we have made it through' this is him saying to her, we've made it passed wondering whether this will work/ now we can- and not worry about it just being a fling :) that's just what I think anyways!
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    This song is talking about their love being so alive that the rest of life seems dead. And that if she wanted to do something crazy he'd be right there with her because he's so in love that nothing seams as real as the way he feels about her. And that in the future that if they look back and remembver the crazy things they did they'll remember that the did it because of their love for each other.
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    I don't think that it's simply "i'll die for you". They don't want to die together, they want to live together. He says "we'll jump and say it was love", so they didn't die even after jumping. They want to be together even if the world doesn't agree, they want to get away from the life they know, to be together somewhere else. Only after they have jumped off the edge they are "finally alive".
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    This song is about a guy being in love with a girl saying he wants to be committed to her and only her, she isn't so sure if she is in a "relationshippy" place. She needs to take the relationship to the next level and be committed, and jumping off the building is a metaphor for this. The ending of this song "so what's left to prove, we have made it through"
    Is saying "we made it this far in the relationship why not be committed? " great lyric writing on travis's part.
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