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Trivium – Of All These Yesterdays lyrics

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    The first verse is about someone being close to suicide, and hating life. They only find refuge in dreams, that's why the sun is being described so negatively, because it "dismantles dreams".
    "we are too far gone" probably refers to society, and how the person believes it is unfixable. "we were, never meant to make it this far. " the person believed that society would change drastically before becoming what it is today; cold and unpersonal, the fourth verse "we are all damaged and wrong,.
    Practicing for death alone" reinforces this.
    "i feel the rage, and it burns the pages, of all these yesterdays. " refers to the person regretting the mistakes he made and trying to forget them by drowning them out in his rage, but he fails as shown by the lines "i'm covered fast, in the falling ashes, of all these yesterdays. "
    "with the end in sight, i clench what's left of light, press it against my head, and dream of the color red. " the person is preparing to commit suicide, and he clings to his final remnants of faith in religion (clinging to light) before pressing "it" (a gun/weapon) to his head and trying to work up the courage to commit suicide (dream of the colour red).
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    The song reflects my life a lot. The first verse is being in a lot of maybe physical but mostly emotional pain, and losing sight of what the point in life is. You look up to the sky - for heaven - where good things come from, and only feel like/see failure and failed dreams burning back at you. The chorus means you feel the rage of another failure, and it burns the good memories of yesterday and brings up all your bad memories and notes, feelings and thoughts of past disappointments, losses or failures from yesterday. The chorus further means you're tired of waiting and being burned by 'waiting' for things or trying and failing and you can only think off all the lost time in your life you lost being sad that isn't coming back, and it makes horrible memories. Second verse explains these feelings in words, and having suicidal feelings and thinking of the end. 'I'm covered fast' is about being over come and almost brought down by all the memories. 'we are too far gone' is all about feeling helpless by everything above, that you can't go on 'waiting' or 'trying harder' anymore and the feeling that everything has gone on for far too long, and you see no future. The further feeling is that you should have been crushed by now - 'we were never meant to make it this far. '
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