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Trivium – Throes Of Perdition lyrics

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    This song is a clear cut meaning of an entire society vs. One man. With every endeavor and every ambition, the individual faces an overwhelming negativity where it seems that the entire world is against them. And just when you think enough is enough, here comes more.
    In the song, human beings are reduced to vultures, who are just waiting for your demise so that they can finish taking everything that they couldn't get from you while you were alive, and hyenas, who travel in packs, with their mouths watering, ready to eat you alive.
    From the chorus on, the meaning becomes self explanatory.
    After a lifetime of running in fear from the pack of predators, the individual is brought to the conclusion. First fear, then pain, then death.
    Life is now whittled down to these primal concepts. Very simply put, and very negative in nature.
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    What's going on here is that these guys are saying that the world is a bunch of selfish men who are willing to kill those who can remove them from their power. And they influence the general populace into believing that you should do what eveyone else is, and if someone is different, they're wrong. Because a leader will ofter stand out from a group, and will be recognized as a threat to the safety and comfort of their ignorance. Often times, these leaders gain a following, but only because they like the feeling of ignorance they gain from that leader. And if it changes, they will attack ruthlessly. And this is only if the leader's back doesn't break from trying to stand up from that crowd. I know damn well mine didn't, 'cause I got myself a ton of knives.
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