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Trivium – Down From The Sky lyrics

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Submitted byDimeForever
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  • h
    I think that this song's meaning is about human-kind. How our status is as of now. Nuclear warheads being built-eventually leading to killing ourselves.
    "I've opened up my eyes Seen the world for what it's worth Tears rain down from the sky" - To me it sounds like (Corey) is looking at what (we) have become, and God is crying because of the horrors that the world has become.
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  • p
    This song is similar to Ignition and Detonation. The Vampires feed on the wars of mankind mean that the small elite in control of the world gain richness and power through war. Puppets such as Bush and Obama rule the you. S. By threatening that 'terrorist will come and destroy the you. S. They'll blow it all to bits, such as the twin towers on 911 or train stations in 7/7, to fool people into submission. The elite adore Molache in places such as the Bohemian Grove and aren't christians like they lead us to believe. This battle or war is not the same because it is an endless war that can't be won. They'll create the threat and show it over and over on news to make us believe they are right. The elite will annihilate anyone who dares to expose them, they will call them 'terrorist' and on a night capture them all and send them to fema Concentration camps where they will be killed or reeducated, while the president declares Martial Law on the you. S. People will be forced to turn in their weapons or killed. A modern Holocaust is created.
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  • belakorgod
    This song seems to emphasise a few messages. The most obvious is the horror of war and the destruction that can be wrought by nuclear weapons. It also seems to be an attack on both war profiteers and the politicians that start wars and are happy to allow countless soldiers to die in a war they did not start. Finally, the grim realisation of mankind's true violent and greedy nature seems to be woven into the whole song.
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  • u
    Ever consider the reptilian connection (david ikce) the hidden masters behind the power structures on this planet "they" feed from our bloodshed both literally and figuratively (energetically) if we do not remain complicit they threaten us with destruction. Ancient text talk about how the moon is an artificial satellite brought into earths orbit causing massive planetary changes causing the earth to change its tilt (axis) it was written that should we ever resist their reign that they would move "the moon" and cause massive global catastrophe. Do you're research pull your head out of youre a* read between the lines and connect the dots my friends.
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  • i
    I have to agree with all guys. This song has great meaning and power to it. Its an extremely great song. Idk why I haven't heard of it before, but this song is awesome. I love the meaning, the message, the codes they use instead of actually saying directly what is going on. I know I'm not supposed to be giving this song a review, but you guys pretty much sumed it up, pretty much what I got from it, but instead of writing it down again, I'm just giving my insights and thoughts about the song. Awesome band, never heard any other songs by them, but gladly will search some!
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