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Trading Yesterday – My Last Goodbye lyrics

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  • u
    To me, this song is about giving up the love that even though you desperately want, you know it just can't happen. You want nothing more then to love (and be loved by) this person, but you also realize that it just won't be able to happen. So, instead of wasting your entire life trying to convince yourself to say goodbye, you simply leave and forget this person. Although leaving is hard, saying good-bye is even harder.
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  • s
    This song helped me get over a painful love in my life that ended up proving itlself to be a complete lie. I took risks and wasted to many tears on that boy, and this show helped me realize that I can't live that way. It is helping me stil, to forget about him, and leave eveything that reminds me of him behins and move on so I can be a completely happy person without him breaking me down everyday.
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  • j
    Jennie OConnor Moore Eastway
    I disagree with this only cause I'm on the other side. I am only human and have made mistakes that I'm not proud of I didn't cheat only stupid little lies and I'm hanging on to my fiancé by a string! I wouldn't want him to just put me behind him! If you truly love someone then you will fight and if you can get through toughest times then it's not wasting your whole life! Idk just really upset that I hurt the man I love so bad and just am grateful he is sticking by my side still!
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  • u
    Leave it behind you can do better without out if you have to waste your life for it then it ain't meant to be. Say goodbye and let it go, walk away. Just walk away.
    Also samdeezy I can relate to you on that one. That happened to me too don't worry it'll get better one day. Well I hope it does or did for you. :) sometimes it is better to put it down and walk away.
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