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The Script – If You Could See Me Now lyrics

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    I love this song. The message in it reminds me much about my late dad. I know how it feels to loose one who believes in you especially if they left while you were still young. It makes you wish you would know what life would be like with them around. I could listen to this song everyday of my life. It's amazing!
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    I think this song is about somebodies parents that have died. He talks about them being "up there with God" which would mean heaven so that would be my first thought. But then he still looks for them in the crowd because I guess its sometimes hard to accept that they are gone, he also talks about his "tear stained face, so he's been crying... because they died, I guess his tears have some kind of dye in them to stain his face, or its a metaphor, it could be either or... or both! And then he uses a naughty word in the second verse so we wont talk about that, but then later he says they "look so alike" so he is in fact their legitimate child. As apposed to the milk man's or the pool guy's. Anyways that's what I get from this song I hope you guys like it, it's a really good song and has a lot of feeling to it whatever he is actually talking about it's really effected him a lot. If you disagree please don't dislike this comment but if you agree go ahead and like it :) thank you for your time.
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    I'm guessing this song is like a memorial for the author's dead parents. It shows how much he misses them and that what he wants more than anything is for them to be back and able to see what he's done; how much he's grown. This is a very sad and heartfelt song and it tells a story that has (many times) made me wish that they could be reunited one more time.
    Everyone has something that they wish they could change, but not everyone has the strength to turn it into a song and perform it so many times. I admire his (the author/singer) expressive lyrics and meaningful words. An anonymous prayer for everyone who has lost their parents and who wish they could show them who they've become:
    I hope you can-in some way-tell them that you miss them but that you know they love you and you love them.
    It's not easy losing someone you love.
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    I love this song, it really helps me when I'm down or depressed. I have definetly had one of those days where you are looking for somebody you love that has died and they arent there, or when you just hope and pray that they are proud of you and are watching over you. I think he has lost his parents and is trying his best to get their approval of him following his dreams, that is why he says "if you could see me now would you recognize me? would you pat me on the back or would you criticize me?" And the lines on his tear stained face are literal, not metaphorical. Anyways the script is the best band ever and they help me when my depression is really bad.
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