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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down lyrics

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  • n
    Well its obvious isn't it lol! ? The piss head in the realationship that's beating up on this poor hirl is a coward and hes gunna get wats coming 2 him, hes gunna lose this amazing girl, the worst consequence of all. I hope the wanker will b cold n alone n hurting, just as he left her so many times! ! Good on the red jumpsuit apparatus for speaking out against violence against women! ! Good job guys, you guys rock: D! !
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  • r
    I think this song is about a boy who likes a girl, but she has a boyfriend. He is confused as to why she still has relations with that boyfriend when he's so abusive and controlling and abuses her. He tells the boyfriend that one day she's going to turn her back on him, and at the end of the song where it says "Face down in the dirt, she says this doesn't hurt, she said I finally had enough" is where she does turn on him.
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  • s
    This song well I think is about this guy who is abusing this girl that obveously the lead singer likes and the girl covers up her pain with make up and says he didn't mean it and won't leave cause she wants to be with him I guess so the nice guy(lead singer lol) goes to her bf and tells him every action you do has a consiquence and one day she will just say nope I have had enough of this crap I'm leaving and the lead singer is encouraging her to do so.
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  • g
    Xxemo angelxx was on to something. In my opinion: This is a song about a nice guy that really likes this girl but he watches her put up with this abuse from her boyfriend/father and try to cover up the bruises and act like it doesn't hurt. But this nice guy won't stand for this behavior, he trys to get her to take his advice and leave her abuser and when that doesn't work, he confronts the guy himself and tells him two things; to 'Back The F*K Off', and that 'If You Don't Stop Pushing Her Buttons, She Will Snap Under The Stress And Kill You In Your Sleep'. So the nice guy is not only reprimanding the girl for staying with her abuser, but he is also yelling at the guy yet trying to warn him that "every action in this world will bear a consequence". That is the gist of it! ~
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  • u
    Anyways, it seems that a poor girl's boyfriend is abusive but is oblivious to the fact of how she will one day leave him for her happiness. Then there's this third party that is forced to watch the girl who is being abused, aka the girl he is in love with, and can't say anything to her. Hense:
    'hey girl you know you drive me crazy'. Then eventually the girl realizes that she has had enough of all her boyfriend's bullshit. She leaves him and never goes back. I read into this a little bit more and just imagined that maybe she left her boyfriend after realizing what he's doing to her. After she realizes this, she can now see clearly her love for the third party. Hope you enjoyed my meaning.
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