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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Cat And Mouse lyrics

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  • Mogleigh
    Though songs can have multuple meanings, depending on how the song is percieved through the listener's point of view. Or hearing. You get the idea. :]
    I for one believe this song is about a man that fell in love with a girl he'd wanted for so long. In the beggining, everything was as he had hoped it would be. But as time goes on, he realizes it wasn't what he really wanted, and that time had changed them, and now he is torn, not completely sure of what to do.
    Please note that this is my opinion.
    And that I love this song very, very much, along with the band.
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  • u
    This song is all about long term partners. They were happy. Seems perfect fit for each other but as time goes by, both of them feel like the love is fading. Their efforts for each other are being under appreciated, simple arguments are leading to big fights. They promise to get married (til death do us part) but this promise is now being taken for granted. The man/woman (depends on your pers) promise that he/she will never leave and the other said that he/she will never change. But being in a long term relationship, they see flaws on each other, they feel dissatisfaction in their relationship. They are now only seeing each other's mistakes all the time. Now they broke up, now they are free from commitment to each other but due to this decision, they gave up their long time love, their supposed to be lifetime partner and they sacrifice their memories and their future memories to be made. It hurts so much for them that everything is gone but they know that they need to move on with their life without in each others side. </3.
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  • l
    It felt to me that the guy left the girl because for him they're always fighting and the relationship never grow. They never changed, so he left. Now, he's a sort of regretting why he left her, but he can't go back now. The girl love him very much that she'll do everything for her, but he wants her to be happy and move on. Things changed. Even though it hurts and they still love each other, but not on the same way as before, they still have to live.
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  • x
    This song relates to me in a different way, I was in a really happy, almost perfect relationship with a guy and we "made plans to grow old" etc and I meant it fully at the time. And then out of nowhere came this amazing girl that I fell head over heels in love with, I wanted nothing more than to be with her but that meant hurting my boyfriend, so me the song is everything I said to him. "you said that you would die for me, but you must live for me too" I didn't want him to be in pain because of me, I wanted him to go and enjoy life, do all the things he wanted to, and thankfully he did and were still best friends lol.
    The end lol: P x
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  • out_of_order
    It sounds to me like this guy fell in love with someone and everything was great and he was happy. But then things changed, she changed or he changed, or maybe they both changed. And he's not happy anymore. He misses the old her, which was everything he wanted. And it must hurt, and you know, that pain could be the price he was talking about. That's just how I see it, others might interpret it differently, and the writer may have meant it differently. But music is all about how you can relate to it and the meanings you and others find, as well as the original, I guess. Well, I'm blabbering now haha. Awesome song though, the red jumpsuit apparatus rocks.
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