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Climbing into fire, her hands are forceful.
We're burying earth in earth.
White hands, soft hands: carefully.
This makes no sense.
What's that sound I hear?
I'm lost in a state of confusion.
Oh ground.
I despise you, but rejoice in your essence.
Envy will cease my sky.
Greed will cease my sky.
"Here's a farmer that hung himself on the expectation of plenty"
At this time I feel there is no bottom to earth.
Welcome to the museum of the dead; endless gore becomes reality.
Tradition's dug the grave.
The inferno has commenced

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  • j
    jakecodedJan 16, 2010 at 11:43 pm
    I love this song. Generally speaking yes it is absolutely about materialism and worldly view and not the spiritual or holy perspective. I like going line by line here...

    Climbing into fire, her hands are forceful: I think this is a direct reference to the forceful temptations of sin. He writes "her" hands are forceful, perhaps this is a sexual reference.

    We're burying earth in earth: everything is dust. No matter what label we put on it, it will return to dust. We put nothingness on top of nothingness and praise that... going off the previous comments.

    evny and greed are 2 of the 7 deadly. this song is about sinning and the last party is about where sinners will finish their journey.
    White hands, soft hands - carefully: I think white references purity and soft means hands that have not labored or worked. This may foresee the farmer's fate after he expects his crop to produce when it doesn't. Much like people expect the world when they haven't worked.

  • x
    xAttackAttackxDec 12, 2009 at 8:48 pm
    Ihatethiertrends, Mike did write this. It says at the top, "Hranica, Michael James. Thats his full name.

    And I believe that this song is talking about how corrupt this world has become, with all of the sin and death.

    "We are burying earth in earth." I think this is referring to how we are made of the earth and with because of sin, we have to bury earth in the earth.

    "Oh ground. I despise you, and yet I rejoice in your essence." I think this is talking about how much Mike is wanting to see Christ. He wants to leave the ground, but while he is on it, he will praise God's name and rejoice Him for the rest of his life.

    "Here's a farmer that hung himself on the expectation of plenty." The farmer is a reference to the earth and every person of the earth. Here we all are, expecting that everything we want to be handed to us on a silver platter, but unless we have faith in God, we won't receive anything.

    "The inferno has commenced." We are being watched and names are being written in The Book of Life, as mentioned in Revelations. We are being judged in our words and actions. Does your life leave God pleased, or is He in disgust of how you are living?
  • t
    ThelordalmightyAug 29, 2009 at 10:04 pm
    I think that what this song is really meaning, is that the world has become so washed up in sin. People are turning more and more away from God, and leaning more on worldly possessions. "Greed will cease my sky" and "Envy will cease my sky" are talking about how the majority of people these days are full of greed and envy. Let the Inferno commence is saying that God is near and Judgment is upon us. I think that over all, this song is talking about how the world has become so sinful and how we are close to the end. The end days are upon us.
  • i
    ihatethiertrendsJul 16, 2009 at 5:41 am
    Fabihasabin, I find it funny how you say "I love how mike is like a spectator in his lyrics" when it says on the top of the page that mike didn't even write this song.
    But the suicide meaning of the song is the meaning Walker and Danny meant.
  • b
    bolbachJan 30, 2009 at 4:48 pm
    I think it is about a man that took his own life in an attempt to get to God. Most Christians that I know feel that the taking of your own life is a sin that can't be forgiven because you are not able to repent for it. Also it is blatently disrespectful to God because life is a gift and shouldn't be taken for granted. "Whats that sound I here?" could be the devil coercing this individual to take his/her life (If satan can get you to beleive a lie he can get you to live it) and "This makes no sense" could be the individual thinking about it because suicide really doesn't make any sense. Envy and Greed will surely drag someone into depression if not kept in balance and suicide is one of the greediest things that one can do with his/her life. So in a desperate attempt for this individual to end their suffering they took their own life to get to Heaven but that isn't the case. The antithesis of that happened and they went to hell thus "Envy/Greed will cease my sky" and "welcome to the museum of the dead; endless gore becomes reality" and "the inferno has dug the grave". In the beginning theres also "Climbing into fire her hands are forceful" these lyrics to me say that some kind of tragedy has happened in this individuals life and the song goes on to tell the tell of how they deal with the pain and hurt in the worst way possible.

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