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The Devil Wears Prada – Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over lyrics

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    Just wondering, what does he mean by "her dishonesty has scared hands" the "scared hands" seems to have a connection to jesus, but I don't understand the "her dishonesty" part. The pronoun use throws me off too. The analysis given by xattackattackx is good, but I'm still iffy on that line, and it really caught my eye so I was just wondering if anyone had some more insight on that?
    I love this band tho :)
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  • f
    I hate the lyric about being too strong to compromise. Maybe being absolutely set on an idea like God existing or the opposite, being convinced he does not and being un-willing to change your view isn't a good one. That kind of thing just breeds intolerance. I do however love the lyrics to the devil wears prada, there are some really profound statements and observations on the way humans live.
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    Okay I have a question please its for my theology homework. I'm suppose to find 3 songs and explain the message/meaning of each song and why you think its prophetic. I'm stuck on the word "prophetic" I don't understand what the teacher is asking by this. I'm new to this religion class I've gone to public up to 8th grade and currently at a private catholic high school. But I thought id try to do 1 of the tdwp songs cuz their an amazing band and I love them. Sooo please if you can explain what prophetic means thanks.
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    Wow, I could read posts like this all day, I think fabihasabin hit the nail on the head when it comes to the meaning other than the last bit, I think that they are reffering to sin when they say "he wears a slick jacket"and is asking God to deliver him of his sins and tempatations but. These are all just opinions and not everyone has the same beleifs so not everyone will find the same meaning in the song.
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    Lyricwatcher: of course it doesn't. I only go on sundays when I can, but I go on wednesdays. I've gone on mission trips and the whole shebang, but I just can't go on sundays due to personal restraints.
    Theduggan: I think you took my meaning of 'good" as "pure". i meant it more as, without prior corruption, the human will naturally choose to do what society has come to know as "the right thing" (and yes, I know that term is completely relative, but cut me some slack lol).
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