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Taylor Swift – Superman lyrics

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  • u
    I think this song is about her boyfriend working all the time and even though she doesn't see him all the time, she will always love him. An example that reminds me of this song, if any of you are harry potter fans, is harry and ginny. Harry has his "mother's eyes and father's ambition" and is leaving ginny because he has to save the wizarding world. Even though he does leave ginny, she always has hope and is waiting for him to "come back down". And ginny did like harry " from the very first day". Aside from that, I really like this song and of course taylor swift herself! Her songs a, ways reflect my life.
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  • u
    Remember talyor loves her dad and family, so it could be to her dad. That is a good idea. Idk. I love all of taylor's songs, I think that her songs mean something other then other ones. You have to agree with me on that one.
    She is only 21 or 22 id remember, I would love to met her later some day or go for lunch with her, now that would be awesome. Ya I toatlly agree that you should tell some one that you love before it is to late.
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  • RavenAndTheNevermores
    Oh, and on a side note; this song is especially true for my other post, since Booth dressed up as a squint for Halloween, but by the end of the episode the costume was so ruined that he teamed up with Bones, who was dressed as Wonder Woman, to say that they were her and Clark Kent who had just been on a bad date or something.
    And since it was cut off last time - Booth *heart* Brennan forever. ^^
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  • RavenAndTheNevermores
    This song reminds me of Bones. Mainly the lyric; "To save the world, or go to work - It's the same thing to me." After that, it all just falls into place. "I always forget to tell you I love you." So, so true! ^^ And, [Spoiler alert!] when Bones goes off to the tropical island whatever it was called, and Booth goes to serve in the military, it brings to mind the lyric; "And I watch you fly around the world, Hope you don't take some other girl." Graw, I hope things work out in the end! Booth.
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