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Taylor Swift – Long Live lyrics

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  • LyricsArePoetry
    For me this is a song about a change in life. Maybe leaving high school and going to university or college or something. And I think the lyrics back that up. It's such a beautiful song because it shows how great it's been and has hope for the future but I think there's a level of fear in it 'i said remember this feeling' like she's worried they'll forget what they had when they grow apart.
    'And you take a moment/Promise me this:/That you'll stand by me forever/But if God forbid fate should step in/And force us into a goodbye/If you have children someday/When they point to the pictures/Please tell them my name' That is one of the music heartbreaking verses I've ever heard. It reminds me of so many of my friends, one in particular is at uni a year before me and we've grown apart so much since she moved and I wish I could say that to her.
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  • u
    This song is about taylor & her band. About all of the great times they have together and her thanks for them being there for her.
    It is about them working so hard and finally being at the top, being 'the kings and the queens' and how no one will bring them down, 'and the cynics were outraged': about kayne west saying she shouldnt have got an award over beyonce.
    Amazing song.
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  • s
    This lovely song is about one girl and one boy, who were just friends at first but it seems that the girl loves the boy. This is the time when they were in school or collage. They can't be together and the never enclosed her feelings about him before him and just has been friends with him. She hopes that the boy will remember him always and they both will always be remembered.
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  • u
    This song is a letter to her fans. She is thanking her fans for all that they have done for her and all that they have supported through. The "walls we broke through" are records and stigmas held to females in the industry that Taylor Swift has far surpassed. She hopes that her fans will continue to support her and tell their children about her regardless of how her fame ends. She is thanking us for all that we have done and all that we will do.
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  • u
    To me, this was my high school graduation. Students held their heads high, clenching their fists to stop shaking, and walked to accept their diplomas as their names were read. An era in our life had ended, and there was no going back.
    We spent four years watching the classes above us graduate, and we were waiting for our turn. All the verses are like memories of moments in the lives of individual students - the prom queen and king being crowned, sports stars winning the championship, right down to the band practicing in a garage who finally get their chance at fame.
    I know i'll never get another chance to see a lot of people I knew in high school, and I imagine showing my children my high school yearbook and pointing to the pictures while the names and memories come flooding back, and my tears with them. But all of our struggles were for that moment, when they handed us that little black folder with a slip of paper inside, meaning "you are ready" and we could now rise and face the world.
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