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Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw lyrics

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  • captain_carroll
    I think this song is about a girl (Taylor) who goes somewhere for a summer, like a vacation, and she meets a boy and falls in love with him. But then she has to go back to where she really lives and the boy can't go with her, and she's sad. Sh'es thinking of moving on because she can't see the boy, but she loves him to much. At the end of the song it says, "And I'm back for the first time since then". I think that means she's finally back at the boys house, but she thinks he has a new girlfriend so she doesn't want to talk to him. So all she does is leave a letter on his doorstep reminding him of that summer and promising him that even if both of them move on and fall in love with other people, she's still always ggoing to remember him and love him.
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  • d
    It's an awesome song.
    It's just sad that the boy and the girl were victims of distance. It's so hard to be away with your special one.
    But if I were the boy, I would have fought for my girl. It's a sad part when the boy has given up and turned to someone else so late when the girl returned only to find out she's out of his life (more or less).: c
    But then, since she loves him still so much, she will never forget him as long as the stars shines at night and her blue eyes glistens with tears which are supposedly outburst of love remind her of him.
    The boy is too weak, that he haven't even read her letter. Or should I say he's a coward. Hope he also remembers the girl.
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  • wicket
    Since you young adult or teenage dreamers can't read and all you want to do is put up stupid comment when obviously this is for meanings of the songs. I will inform you of what this song means. It is about a exboyfriend of hers that left and she is hoping that every time a Tim Mrgraw (A Better Country Singer) song comes on he will remember the good times they had.
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  • i
    I think this song is about a guy he loves but does not love her anymore. While I was listening to this song, I am seeing taylor and the guy dancing through a tim mcgraw song. It is somewhat a summer love for them. It is so sad to realize that the guy fell out of love on the girl. But the girl was still in love with the guy. I definitely think that she is thinking of moving on.
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