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Taylor Swift – Breathe lyrics

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    Its happening to me. T_t tsk2
    I really don't know what to feel, what to do, what to say,; I really don't know. So hard to let go but it is the way it should be. If destiny tells that you two are really together means you are, I hope were together. Coz shes my inspiration, my life, and my everything,. I don't know what to think, regret? No! Coz I had a lot of happy treasureful times wid her. And I have the job to bring happiness to her, I mean a very big opportunity to love her forever. When I read this song, it teaches me how to sing. I love this song very much. Just as how I love her.
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  • r
    I think the meaning to this song is that she had to break up with her boyfriend as they no longer could be together, of course she still loves him as they had been together for a long time this is shown by the line of "you're the only thing i know like the back of my hand". But they had to break up as there's nothing left in common between them. It hurted her so much but she had to say gudbye to him or they'll hurt each other much more. It's a sad song. But I like it very much.
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  • h
    Its not easy to let a friend go. I had an arguemnt with my friend some months ago and I was listening to this song for like the whole day. I felt like I should not end it here like this. So, I requested my friend to forget what happened. I could not end my friendship of 12 years like that. Taylor's song told me that no matter what happens, never leave a friend.
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  • p
    I definately agree its a relationship break up song. I feel that way too. I really feel like I lost a friend too. I had to break up with my boyfriend, my parents made me, now I wanted to be friends but now he doesn't talk to me hardly at all anymore. It really hurts me bc I couldn't do anything about it and it seems like the way he sees things is taht I am either going out with you or I am totally leaving you. He's really not worth my time for that reason but I can't seem to ever get him out of my mind. I try and try. Its been about a month but I still care for him and think about him every day. It hurts when he doesn't show friendship back to me. But yea like I said I don't think he is worth it.
    I absolutely love taylor swift songs. They are so real to about every girl in this world. I love how she takes life experiences like these and makes them to such touching songs like this one!
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