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Taylor Swift – Hey Stephen lyrics

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  • x
    Okay, first of all, thererealsugarbaybee, wtf is your problem? Taylor Swift is a pretty good singer, she puts a lot of effort into her songs. So what went up your a* and died? Nobody gives a damn about what you have to say. You probably have nothing better to do than to look up singers/bands and leave offensive comments, if you don't like her then; oh effing well. You know just by saying that, it shows a lot about you. Anyways, yay! For taylor swift, she's awesome and has A lot of talent! I love her and she has a great personality! P. S. Thererealsugarbaybee, if your going to make a statement, at least try to use proper spelling.
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  • eftela
    This is So weird. I'm listening to this song and thinking about that comment from xiluvpetewentzx about how she likes her friend stephen and suddenly I found myself thinking about this guy living nextdoor. He doesn't looked like an angel but he's cute, smart. He's really nice. My friends are always teasing me, saying that I have a crush on the guy when in fact it was my g** friend who liked him and s/he's just using me as an excuse to mention this guy's name. But now I just realized that I actually like the guy, I mean I just felt my heart go boom on my chest when I thought of him. That means I like him right?. Oh my. *Blush.
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  • u
    I really like this song. Especially the "all those other girls... Well they're beautiful... But would they write a song for you? " I can totally relate, since I write songs for the people I like.
    And there's another reason why I can relate. I saw this show on tv and it was about taylor swift. And there was this part where it was saying that taylor wrote this song for stephen baker liles from love and theft. And he wrote a song for her, too. That also happened to me, except the guy wasn't some kind of famous person, although he's on his way to being one.
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  • u
    I think nobody should act like a different person if you like someone. Be yourself and don't try to impress by clothes or popularity in highschool. And if you are that person you are a snob. I'm msayin g this because I have had my expeirences with stupid people tryingf to steal the ones I love away from me and I hate it when people do this. Just today this girl named savvanh walked up to me and said " why do you have the football captain as a boyfriend because you are a no name in this school unlike me. I said back " why can't I just be myself and act the way I want and date the people I want to date. She got really frustrated with me and started cussing me out but I dint really care because she got kicked off the cheerleading team. So now she will be not popular! Words from the wise, don't tell someone thst you are going to take there loved one from them. ! Ill talk later. If you need advise type it here and say to kat cause that's my nickname! Love you taylor swift and matt.
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  • u
    I think the meanig is popular guys tend to have lots of girls surrond them and they just want to be like a regular person in highschool and don't want everybody to think they always have to be around him, taylor was that girl in highscool who didn't surrond the guys and wasn't a big name. Taylor was thinking I would not be the one throwing rocks but I would wait in the cold for you even if you didn't come and that's how I think everybody should be if they really like that person. They shouldnt try to impress by looks or clothes or popularity. My boyfriend is popualr in school and he says to me I am surronded by a sea of people who are acting stupid and trying to impress me but I have you.
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