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Slipknot – Vermilion lyrics

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  • cudagirl302
    In the video the girl is around a butterfly (or moth, considering the lyric, pheremone) it seems she isn't in a world that she recognizes, the butterfly is her friend or safety. Corey taylor, lead singer, seems to have made this girl up for his own. When he becomes so obsessed by the simple fact that he "can't make her real", he becomes distraut and angry with himself. The video is as intriguing and addictive as the song (and band). P. S. I am not a critic, just a seventh grade girl. ^_^ 12/30/08.
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  • m
    Vermilion Song Meaningclose or Esc Keyi think it might be the way corey describes how he felt or feels for his wife (or you could just relate it as you like a chick and this is how you feel around her or about her) That he has finally found someone in his life. And really nothing can describe. It's just that special to him. But has a twist to it. That in the end as much as the obsession starts to build you start noticing little things about the person you haven't before. Fights happen. Disagreements and the perfect person you thought you had before. Isn't so perfect anymore. And there is just something. He doesn't know what it is that just draws him to her. 'Vermilion Pt. 1' is about the enrapturing, the buildup, the anticipation and the neurosis, " says Taylor.
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  • h
    The song is saying how he's in love with this made up girl, and how he hates that he can't be wth her because she isn't real, and he has to convince himself of that. The video is almost a flip of what the song says. The girl is real, but she's isolated in the world. Any time she gets just close enough to touch something, the world takes it away. That's why she's so happy with the dead butterfly or moth or whatever - its not going to leave her.
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  • ParrotPie
    I actually agree with that 7th grade user below me, that someone made a girl up and then realizes that he will never have her, and becomes depressed over that fact, however I fail to make a connection between the video and the song, for it rather focuses on a girl which seems lost in the real world; maybe it's the way he, however he is, sees her (his made-up girl), I really don't know.
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  • v
    For me this song describes perfectly the slow progression of madness when you get addicted to an imaginary person / ideal. The first verse shows that she really is everything he asks for, and the other ones describes the way he makes her an ideal although he knows, of course, that she isn't real.
    That's what the last screamed part describes, it's like the surprising end of a novel or an essay, "She isn't real". He knows that she comes from his mind and so he falls into madness and screams his obsession.
    All the power of the last part is in the way it is screamed, not like some other songs where he just screams, but more like if all his madness and rage flows in the lyrics.
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