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Slipknot – Psychosocial lyrics

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv
Corrected byLyric_Master005

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  • d
    These lyircs are wrong it goes like this
    "i did my time and I want out so effusive fade it doest cut, this soul is not so vibrant, the reckoning the sicking packing sub-version psuedo psycho virgin/ go drill your deserst go dig your graves then fill your mouth with all the money you will save/sinking in getting smaller again undone it has begun I'm not the only one/ and the reign will kill us all, we throw ourselves against the wall and no one else can see the preservation of the matyr in me/(6x) psychosoical/ oh there are cracks in the road we lay but where the temple fell the secrets have gone mad this is nothing new but when we kill it all hate is all we had/ now theres only emptyness venomus inspid I think were done I'm not the only one/ repeat the chours/ (3x) the limits of the dead/ fake anti facist lie, I tried to tell you but your purple hearts are giving out can't stop the killing idea if its hunting season is this what you want I'm not the only one/ (2x) chorus then (3x) the limits of the dead.
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  • s
    Hey glorious. I happen too absolutely love this song.
    And I don't usually listen too heavy metal so shut your face and get over it that people are different then you.
    Its not evil and its not satanic at all its just telling some sorta story exactly like all the other songs whether its rap, rock, metal, country, and even classical.
    You have every right too express your opinion but you need too be careful cuz some people get offended by it.
    I know I did.
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  • d
    Well, let's first start with the title. Psychosocial is the term used to refer to one in psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. Psychosocial support is an approach to victims of disaster, catastrophe, or violence to foster resilience of individuals and communities. Anyway, I believe this song is a realization that he or we have been stuck or even more dramatically forced into this social environment that we know as America, and we just wait on fate to fulfill our lives. But limbo is coming to an end whether we want it to or not. Mankind has experienced the fall and rise of evil many times in history, and it is happening only once again. Only this time at this intersection of "fate", it will take many lives with it. However, how much can the dead really do for us? Doesn't it make more sense to live diplomatically? Sure, some people only stop at death, but are they (the government) good judges of the conditions? We now step out to make a decision to change our futures, but what will we do because we've been lied to for so long? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, I'm not the only one.
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  • edmanr2003
    The Devil is not real? Well to say that would be to implicate that you actually know who the biblical devil is. It would be stupid to say that this band is satanic as that general term is a bad joke all together. The essence of evil is not an image of dark or horror themed montages like portrayed in the media as A christian I could give you a much deeper understanding of the actual devil. Slipknot nor Marlyn Manson are satanic and they are no more evil then anyone else in the world including my self. I definitely enjoy all types of music especially metal but often times I ask why so much image gets caught up in the mix up of music but the simple answer to that! The selling point is attention in order to get more peeps interested they dress up which is a very simple and intelligent choice it also helps group there fans together with the image in its self. I am not going to give you in depth info on the biblical devil but I will tell you this the current image you see that looks exactly like pan from greek mythology is the absolute stupidity of the catholic churches in effort to demonize other beliefs. Look up the word syncretism! If your going to blame anyone for problems in the world look no further then humanity that is a truth which also can be found in the bible.
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  • l
    Ahh, glorious, your just another shining example of what's wrong with American society, instead of blaming the people for there actions, or pointing the finger of blame where it is deserved, we try to find something we don't like and make it a scape goat. I mean seriously, people have been killing and raping and doing s*t like this since the dawn of man, must I remind you of the dark ages? Only difference is now, we try to find things to blame these acts on. How about instead of blaming media for what the columbine kids did we blame the kids who tormented them and picked on them and made their lives a living hell for years and drove them to do what they did. And, if for whatever reason you don't want to blame them, then how about blaming the people who actually did it? People need to realize, that just because something bad or terrible happens doesn't mean they can pick out something they don't like and try to blame it on that thing. It's stupid and I'm getting sick of it.
    Oh, and no, this isn't the devil's music, because that would require the devil to be real, which he isn't.
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