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Shinee – Lucifer (English) lyrics

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    Are you guys really fighting about whether a k-pop song is about the devil or not? It's about love. Not about the Illuminati and it isn't trying to drag us teens into a cult. Seriously? That's ridiculous. It's about someone who is trying to tie down someone who isn't ready to be tied down into a relationship. "If you tie me down and trap me. Then love is also tied down. The future is also tied down. It can't grow anymore"
    Meaning I can't love you just yet. Stop being stupid.
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    Id say its about a relationship in which the guy feels trapped by the woman, who he refers to as 'lucifer', or indeed the devil. He wants to love her how he wants to, but she is constantly wanting more and trying to shape the relationship to how she wants it. This is why they say 'if you tie the love down then the future is tied down' - let him love her freely, he doesn't want to leave but wishes things were better. So she is a devil of sorts - keeping him in a situation he doesn't like, but he just can't leave. :)
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    I strongly suggest not to use words that have something to do with demonic things. Why would you make someone (the girl) to be alike with the demon? Does it make any sense? Why not use wonderful words that are excellent and praiseworthy? In that way, you will uplift your value for the girl you like!?
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    (saranghae shinee!) what I think is that this guy is in love with this girl, eventually becoming his girlfriend, but he struggles because all his friends and family are turning on him (no idea why), and he starts to go crazy and this girl is like "whoa!" and he just wants to be left alone so he can truly love her like a normal person. But right now, he is just a little confused what happened in their relationship. I know, not the meaning you were kinda expecting!
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    Guys it's a song. It's only a song, the meaning by saying Her whisper is that Lucifer they're just comparing the girl's action that's makes them do impulsive things same as Lucifer, she's beautiful they're trying to resist her beauty but they can't they fell in love with her and can't escape and that's all, by the way Shinee are Christians not all of them but most of them are this song about love only.
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