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Seether – No Jesus Christ lyrics

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    Are you guys kidding me. This song has no actual connotation to the Bible or God. He wrote this about his ex, amy lee from evanescence, about how she was such a goodie-two-shoes, pretending to be so perfect and always pushing him down, laying the blame on him and his problems. So in this song he recognizes the fact that yes, he does have problems, but he's sick of her being suck a hypocrite and bringing him down.
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  • c
    I think the meaning of this song should not be offensive to Christians at all, and I am a bible believing Christian. The author is obviously directing its meaning at those who believe to be self-righteous in and of themselves, and in doing so are fools, because Christ Jesus was the only righteous man to ever walk the Earth, and for someone to walk around as if they're holier than thou, well "you're no Jesus Christ!"
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  • h
    I agree with rudefish. Firestar, you are most definitely entitled to your own opinion, but I personally do not believe that Seether is targeting Christians, specifically. I believe the song refers to religious extremists as a whole. People who take religion much to far, or try to force their opinions down other people's throats instead of respecting one another's right to their own personal belief system. But then again, that is, in part, what this song means to myself. Viewed by society, I believe that this song is about ignorance and fear and 'jumping onto the band wagon' religiously. No, no. Again, I am interpreting the song through my own opinion of it. Overall, this song is about how people need to respect one another's personal belief system, as stated before, and how humanity needs to realize that in a way, every religion is right, if it works for you personally. I apologize if this 'interpretation' makes no sense whatsoever. My mind is quite scattered about this topic.
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  • r
    Firestar. Be careful dude. I am certainly not a religious 'freak' as you so eloquently call them, but I think I would get my facts straight if I were you, before you post something completely random on the Net and embarrass urself! Where did Jesus ever sin. Pray-tell?
    As far as the meaning of the song. I don't think he's speaking to Christians at all. I think he's generally saying take the thorn out of ur eye before you judge me.
    I agree with Raichu & Jonathon. Besides, he's saying 'you're no Jesus' connoting that Jesus is perfect, and no one else is. Geez, its not that difficult! Even Seether admits it!
    Firestar. Take heed of these lyrics urself perhaps. Before you put all Christians in the same pot, eh?
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  • m
    It's not about jesus.
    I think this song is about a person who's sick and tired of being judge and being told by other people to better. I guess he hates those self-righteous people who keeps telling him what to do. That's why he said you're no jesus- because that person has absolutely no right to say that he is wrong. Well that's about my own understanding of the song.
    I'm also somehow a person who grew up in church and I can't see any religious connotations here.
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