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Phear – Katie's Song lyrics

"It's not that I don't want him."
"Then what is it?"
"It's that society does'nt want me to HAVE HIM!"

"What the fuck does that mean!"

Katie is her name,
She plays a deadly game.
She chased me with an axe,
Then gave me 40 whacks "FUCKER!"

She's always starting riots,
And then that bitch gets quiet.
She goes to sleep in silence,
In the middle of her violence.

She killed my brother Paul,
She hit him with a mall.(boop)
She threw him down the stairs,
And pulled his fucking hair. "FUCKER!"

She don't be actin' right, (not right)
She's smoking on that pipe.(swooooo)
She's chillin' in my mansion,
She looks like Marilyn Manson.

"I will kill you and her, and I swear to fucking God,
I will KILL Y'All!"

She killed my brother Dave,
He's lieing in his grave.(that bitch! )
She stabbed him in the neck, (ahh! )
While listining to Beck.

But then I crawl back out, (chu-chu-chu)
And wait behind the coutch.(ah-ah-ah)
I'm right behind the sofa, (wha! )
I jump out start to choke her.(AHHHH! )

But that don't phaze her none,
She died in '91.
Her skins the color blue,
Bitch I thought you knew.

I can't seem to leave her,
Because I always see her.
When I'm chilling in the night,
She's trying to take my life!.

She clubed me in the back, (ahhh! )
Then started smoking crack.(SWOOO)
She's very fuckin' mean, (she's mean)
She's only seventeen.

Shje caught me with Venessa,
Loco in the cavesa.
She shot her in the eye, (boo-bow)
Now that's three that died.

"I will kill you and her,
And I swear to fucking God,
I will KILL Y'All!"

She's always throwing fits,
She cut me up to bits.(ftt-ftt)
Cuz she could'nt get her way,
Or a date with Violent J.

Her daddy's name is Judy, (Judy)
Her brother's name is Sue.(Is Sue)
Her sister's name is Larry, (Larry)
Bitch I thought you knew.

Man I can't believe her,
She pulls out a meat cleaver.
She put me all in stitches,

"I swear to fucking God,
I will KILL Y'All!"

Katie is her name,
I swear that bitch got game.
She chopped Trench in the head,
And he's already dead.

She dragged me in an alley, (alley)
And shot me in the belly.( pkww! -belly) This is how I died,
Way back in '85.

I don't know what to say, (say)
I think that bitch is gay.(she's gay)
Her nappy hair is freyed,
Her eyes are all decayed.

Never trade her for another, (nother)
Cuz I don't want no other.(no-no)
She smokes up all my blunts,
She's the bitch I want.(that's right)

"What the fuck does that mean?"
"Society does'nt want me to HAAVE HIMMM!"

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