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Phear – Another How Many lyrics


How many times will I go to a restaurant,
The waitress is my ex-girl a filthy fuckin' slut,
Now what kind of service do you think I'll get,
And if that bitch don't hurry up she'll feel my fuckin' spit.

How many times will I try to make a buck,
Without it trynna be taken by some little fuck.
Who thinks he's gonna walk up and try to punk me,
I'll beat your eyes in so far you can't fuckin' see.

How many times will I try to get a job,
And then be hired by a fuckin' slob,
Who puts a mop in my hand to try and clean the place,
I'll take that toilet brush and swat your fuckin' face.

He wants me to scrub every fuckin' speck,
But then he wont let me borrow off my paycheck,
I'm fuckin' broke, I'm poor can't you fuckin' see,
It's just another fucked up thing about society.

I remember the time you tried to fuck me over,
For a bitch after I said she was left overs,
Sold me out for the hoe after she gave me shit,
Well fuck off, fuck you, and fuck that little bitch!


How many times will you ask me the fuckin' time,
What's that thing on your wrist you never fuckin' wind,
Buggin' me punkin' me for some shit I don't know,
How 'bout you get out my face before I sneak ya low.
We go to the party trynna chill wit' a bitch,
No money no dope, you're just a piece of shit,
I'll take my 40 and put it to your fuckin' head,
Now ya can't talk no shit cuz ya fuckin' dead.

How many times will I try to smoke a blunt,
Without you sittin' by me, tell me what the fuck you want,
You never put no money in to help me buy the shit,
Jump the fuck back or I'll slap you like a little bitch.

How many times will the cops bring another summons,
The fat ass pig eats limburger, and smells like onions.
He bangs on my door like he's gonna fuckin' break it down,
Every time he comes I only fuckin' frown.


How many times will you break the store window,
The place been empty for 3 months don't ya fuckin' know.
I sweep all the glass off the sidewalk,
The next day I see ya liein' in chalk.

How many times did I walk to the bus stop,
And saw it roll by cuz that bitch would'nt stop.
I know she saw me she just did'nt wanna wait,
So I walk to school about 3 hours late.

So I walk up to lunch cuz it's time to eat,
So what's the problem, at least I'm off the fuckin' streets.
I missed a class or two, so what's the deal,
I'm hungry to pops so where's my fuckin' meal.

How many times will you try to cut the line,
You little fuck you're waystin' my fuckin' time.
I snatch you from the back cuz your hairs so long,
Now get the fuck in the back where you belong.

And who the fuck is he He cuts the line!
And who the fuck is he He cuts the line!
And who the fuck is he He cuts the line!
He cuts the line!
He cuts the fucking line!
He cuts the line!

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