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MK Ultra lyrics

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Muse – MK Ultra lyrics

The wavelength gently grows,
Coercive notions re-evolve,
A universe is trapped inside a tear,
It resonates the core,
Creates unnatural laws,
Replaces love and happiness with fear

How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind's about to fall

they are breaking through,
They are breaking through,
Now we're falling,
We are losing control

Invisible to all,
The mind becomes a wall.
All of history deleted with one stroke

How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind's about to fall

And they are breaking through,
They are breaking through
Now we're falling,
We are losing control

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  • u
    I think this song is a double entendre - playing on the obvious reference to the cia's project mkultra and the way people are brainwashed today through media. It may also be referencing some cases of political propaganda which arose out of the cold war particuarly, along with project mkultra.
    The song raises the question of freedom and control over ones own life, and how clear our perception and judgement really is of the world around us when coloured by second and third hand sources. How much do we really verify, or witness first hand?
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  • r
    Mk Ultra-type subprojects have continued well into the present. Some of us unlucky enough to have the "organized stalking and electronic harassment" problem were initially targeted during the mk Ultra period. Not alll the projects are as exotic as Candy Jones or even include ritual satanic abuse - but they are most definitely trauma based and include constant harassment and goading, death threats (in the overt phase), vandalism, intellectual property theft, etc as well as electronic harassment (Eh). Eh can refer to directed energy weapons (like being woken up at the same time every night and getting an electroshock), acoustic bullets (like someone beat up your head, also used for rape), and microwaves. Sound exotic? Check out policeone or any other number of websites to find out what your local police are stocking up with. (Not that I'm saying it's the police behind it - clearly it has the markings of intel and defense contractors.) This song is timely.
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  • d
    Errr. Its them talking about htis real world. Mkultra is used in many ways on us all, one way is indeed music. Seems muse are trying to counteract the esablishment and tptb. Funny how their popularity dropped around the time of this song. Wake up people its not A dystopian view of an aternate reality/Story >. Its A dystopian reality they speak of. Still, take time out to smell the roses while we can! But. Wake the heck up.
    Nice work lads, I can see why you told us you liked ratm. Liked in the past sense. Shills.
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  • r
    Unfortunately, mk Ultra type projects continued long after they were "discontinued" - some of us with the "organized stalking and electronic harassment" problem are from those times - targeted as children. Not all the projects involved Ritual Satanic Abuse or are as colorful as Candy Jones et al. But they appear to be trauma based. Those of us unlucky enough to have these jackbutts harassing us have suffered through social engineering, vandalism, intellectual property violations and electronic harassment in various forms (microwave, directed energy weapons). If you think eh is exotic, look up what is available technolgy-wise even at your local police station. It's a timely song.
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