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When these pillars get pulled down,
It will be you who wears the crown,
And I'll owe everything to you

How much pain has quaked your soul?
How much love would make you whole?
You're my guiding lightning strike

I can't find the words to say,
They're overdue,
I've traveled half the world to say,
I belong to you

And she attacks me like a Leo,
When my heart is split like Rio,
And I assure you my debts are real

I can't find the words to say,
When I'm confused,
I travelled half the world to say,
You are my mu-

Ah! rйponds, rйponds а ma tendresse,
Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse,
Rйponds а ma tendresse,
Rйponds а ma tendresse,
Ah, verse-moi l'ivresse,

Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse
Rйponds а ma tendresse!
Rйponds а ma tendresse!
Ah! verse-moi l'ivresse

I belong,
I belong,
To you alone

I can't find the words to say,
They're overdue,
I've traveled half the world to say,
I belong to you

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  • f
    FanofmuseSep 18, 2009 at 4:54 am
    The French part of this song is taken from Camille Saint-Saën's opera Samson et Dalila which is based on a biblical tale from the Old Testament's Book of Judges. The story is about the power struggle between the two lovers. Dalila tries to seduce Samson in order control him, but he has a greater purpose...leading the Hebrews to conquer the Philistines.

    The part of the opera in this Muse song roughly translates to "my heart opens itself to your voice" and starts with Dalila singing and Samson joining in with the second verse. It sounds like a beautiful love song but in context, it is her seducing Samson in order to exact revenge and destroy him.

    The story ends in a Philistine temple with Dalila taunting Samson with the details of her deception during a variation of this love song. His strength has been taken, he is blinded and shackled. When the high priest tries to get him to kneel to their gods, he is able to pull down the two pillars of the temple and in the process destroys all of his enemies including Dalila.

    Since Matt is not the most religious of people, I think perhaps he is equating this story to that of his personal life with his finance, Gaia Polloni. Judging from interviews they are both brilliant people with very strong personalities and there is probably a constant power struggle that exists between the two. I am curious when her birthday is, because if she is a Leo, this would be further proof of this possible theory. I know how Leo's are, I am one myself! In his version of the song, it seems that he is saying that she will be the one that is victorious in the end, "when these pillars get pulled down, it will be you that wears the crown". He is submitting to her and is promising her all of his love. He is also commenting that he is misunderstood by her. Maybe you should learn some more Italian Matt!!!

    Also, when he says "You're my guiding lightning strike" this is also in reference to the opera. In the opera, God creates the lighting to warn Samson, but to Bellamy, he is maybe equating Gaia as his own higher power. (Personal Jesus comes to mind from Depeche Mode)

    In an interview, Gaia says that Matt has not written a song for her. But she does think of "Starlight" belonging to them. This song is so much deeper and more powerful than Starlight. I think he wrote this song for her and it is the most beautiful juxtaposition of rock and opera that I have ever heard. The insinuations that can be extracted from the allusions to the Old Testament is pure genius.

    Gaia Polloni is the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing love song written for her! I hope she realizes what these words mean, because I can't see Matt as the type of person to explain them to her.

    I recently lost my 33 year old husband to cancer, and just when I think there is nothing left for me in this world, Muse comes out with a new album that is actually able to make me feel something after being numb and empty for so long. Their music has a way of touching my soul. To me, Matt Bellamy is our generation's Beethoven.
  • l
    lamourSep 27, 2009 at 12:10 am
    I think there's a bit of a special meaning between the mu- -use bit, which turns into the french opera piece. This is purely speculation, but to me, I get the feel of going into a dreamlike crescendo between the word "Muse." Matthew begins by singing the first syllable, trails off and the song swells into an imaginatively grandioso opera solo, complete with dramatic piano and backup chorus.

    Then, as if falling out of a dream, the song returns with the end syllable "use."

    It is like he is recalling the muse mid-sentence, and a fantastic image of her plays through his mind, and he returns to his senses (the rest of the song). The dreamlike sequence is obviously very fantastic and classic, much like a romantic dream (or like how things play out in a romantic opera), where the rest of the song is very upbeat and modern like the real world. Perhaps the dreamlike sequence is what he wishes to have played out to her, what he wants to convey: something beautiful and utterly romantic. But like he says when it comes to the modern part, he cannot find the words to say.

    This was what I had playing in my head when I first heard it. It makes much more sense now that fanofmuse has given such a delightful background on the french stanza. What I imagined may not be true at all to the real context of the song, but it's still very fitting to imagine when listening to the song!
  • r
    redQSep 24, 2009 at 11:40 am
    @Fanofmuse: well said! When I first listen to this song, I thought it sounded like an opera. Thanks for explaining.

    I'm sorry about your recent lost. I'm glad that you can feel something now, and it is Muse.
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 19, 2012 at 10:15 pm
    I totally agree that this song is genius and it is deep. Matt has the amazing ability to write on more than two levels at the same time. He is supernaturally gifted in his expressive abilities. Actually i do not believe that matt is totally in control of what he is writing.
  • d
    DarkaholicNov 15, 2010 at 3:26 am
    Damn, this one of the best songs i ever heard!! this is music.
    and wtf with the video on the left, FU twilight fans

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