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Hatsune Miku
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Hatsune Miku

World Is Mine lyrics

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Hatsune Miku – World Is Mine lyrics

Sekai de ichi-ban OHIME-SAMA
Sou iu atsukai KOKORO-ete
Yo ne

Itsumo to chigau kami-gata ni kiga-tsuku koto
Chanto kutsu made mirukoto, ii ne?
Watashi no hito-koto niwa mittsu no kotoba de henji suru koto
Wakattara migite ga orusu nanowo nantoka-shite

Betsu ni wagamama nante itte nai n dakara
Kimi ni KOKORO kara omotte hoshii no KAWAII tte

Sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
Ki ga tsuite nee nee
Mataseru nante rongai yo
Watashi wo dare dato omotteru no?
Mou nanda ka amai mono ga tabetai!
Ima sugu ni yo

Oh, check one two... Ahhhhhh!

Ketten? Kawaii no machigai desho
Monku wa yurushimasen no
Ano ne? Watashi no hanashi chanto kiiteru? Chotto...
A, sore to ne? Shiroi ouma-san kimatteru desho?
Mukae ni kite
Wakattara kashizuite te wo totte "ohime-sama" tte

Betsu ni wagamama nante itte nain dakara
Demo ne sukoshi kurai shikatte kuretatte iino yo?

Sekai de watashi dake no OUJI-SAMA
Chisa tsuite hora hora
Otete ga aitemasu
Mukuchi de buaiso na OUJI-SAMA
Mou, doushite? kiga tsuite yo hayaku
Zettai kimi wa wakatte nai!... wakatte nai wa...


Ichigo no notta SHOOTOKEEKI
Kodawari tamago no torokeru PURRIN

Minna, minna gaman shimasu...
Wagamama na ko dato omowa-nai de
Watashi datte yareba-dekiru no
Ato de koukai suru wayo


Touzen desu! datte watashi wa
Sekai de ichi-ban OHIME-SAMA
Chanto mitete yone dokoka ni icchau yo?
Fui-ni dakishime-rareta kyuuni sonna e?
"HIKARERU abunai yo"sou-itte soppo muku KIMI
... kocchi noga ABUNAI wayo

Oh, Hey Baby

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  • u
    I'll admit when you listen to the first few lyrics of the song, hatsune miku sounds really selfish and conceited. I was about to close the video down and stop listening to her song when I realized what she really meant. She just wanted to be noticed by the boy she loves. She wants him to be her knight in shinning armor. She wants him to see her as the princess of the world and she wants him to be her prince of the world. It's an awefully cute song once you fully understand the meaning.
  • u
    Miku thinks herself as a princess and wants to be treated that way by everyone. Her attempts seem to fail but her childishness has caught the heart of her "prince" who rides a white pony lol and then miku changes her mind about being ruler of the world when she realizes how dangerous the prince and the real world can be to her. Or I can translate the entire romaji lyrics to readable english for anyone who reads this~ kid.
  • u
    Hatsune miku just wants to know if he really loves her and wants 99% of his time on her. But she finds herself just making the matter worse and takes it up a knoch: everything she wants, she gets. Her boyfriend doesn't want to be with a girl who is the prefect princess or over spoiled. He starts to let go but miku relizes what she has done and what the couples fate will be. She tells him that she just wanted him to notice her, she tells him that he is the best in the world and that he is her perfect prince as she begs for forgiveness. After he is gone she tells him that he is missing out on the most perfect princess in the world but at that same minute she is almost hit by a car and her x boyfriend had just saved her. She finds out that selfish people don't get what they want all the time and that when something comes along, it can go away. Plus, oh no this wasn't made by an adult or teenager it was made by a 10 year old little girl named ayla or also known as me. If you search this on google it won't come up with anything so, I didn't copy and paste this.
  • u
    This song is about a girl, who wants her boyfriend to treat all of her words and commands like a princess! Although they look awkward when being nice and gentle, still, they love each other, but don't know how to show it. So they ended up look like hating each other. Lol. I love to watch kaito n miku singing this song. And, I've been clicking replay button for a million times now. And today's my birthday!
  • u
    Oh wait and kocchi muite baby I'm only 12 years old my youngest sister always complain why I like to sing Japanese songs of hatsune miku and she said why not sing English or Tagalog songs but I don't mind her I even did her tattoo on her shoulder on my palm I only use red ball pen I cannot use real tattoo I have many drawings of her some are wins club some are Disney characters but most of it are vocaloids and utauloids miku is so cute my name in Japanese is nikooru I think I hope I can be miku or rin which is the cutest Len kaito gakupo or kai Kim I think len but kaito is cute too I can't believe he looks cute len is the cutest I want to be a vocaloid am I preety talkative I think yes or maybe no my heart is beating faster I'm so nervous am I gonna get in trouble I'm so bored its so hard singing while dancing this but I already got used to it I can sing world is mine kocchi muite baby servant of evil trick and treat alluring secret romeo and Cinderella adolescesce and cantarella.

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