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Hatsune Miku – Love Is War lyrics

Mou yukiba ga nai wa, kono koi no netsuryou
! (scream)

Haiiro no kumo MONOCHROME no kensou
Hizashi wa kageri yuugure wa iro o kaete iku

Ahh, sekai ga nijinde
Soredemo suki de irareru ka nante?
Wakatteru kedo dousureba ii no?
Doushitara... dousureba...
BAKA da na... watashi

Hajimeru no yo kore wa sensou!
Ureshisou na KIMI o miru nante!
Setsunaru koi sore wa tsumi
Misete ageru watashi no omoi wo

Saken de mita MEGAPHONE wa kowareteta no
Dore dake senobi shitatte kimi no shikai ni hairanai

Aa, itsunomanika hareta sora zenzen niawanai
Kimochi ga osaerare nakute
Doushitara dousureba

Naite nanka nain dakara ne


Tatakau no yo HEART o ute
Shudan nante erande'rarenai
SKIRT hirari misetsukeru no yo
Kimi no shisen ubatte miseru no

Geigeki youi
Senkyou wa ima da furi na no desu
Koi wa moumoku
Kimi no kuchidzuke de me ga sameru no

English Translation

Now there's nowhere to go, in the heat of this love
Ahhh! (scream)

Gray clouds Monochrome bustles
Sunlight cast shadows, Dusk is changing it's colour

Ahh...The world is blurred
Even so, will I still love you?
I know this, though what should I do?
How can I...What can I....
What a fool...I am

Let's begin, this is war!
Oh, to see you pleased with someone else!
Earnest love, that is sin
I will show how I feel

The Megaphone I tried shouting in was broken
How hard I try to overreach myself, I would fail to get into your sight

Ah, a clear sky slid by, but it doesn't suit at all
I couldn't get hold of my feelings
How can I...What can I..., I'm not

I love you

Fight it out, shoot right at the heart
I don't have a choice
Show off my skirt flap
I shall make you gaze upon me

Get ready to intercept
War situation still a drawback
Love is blind...
Yes, I'll be awaken by your kiss

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Corrected bySha Anun


  • Lady_Rabbit
    I thought this song was about a girl who desperately loved a boy, and perhaps they were together, perhaps they weren't. She knows she's a fool for loving him so much, then proceeds to find him with another, apparently more "pleased" than with her. "Blurred" could be her own tears, or a dizzy feeling following what she discovers. She starts a "war" with either him or this "other girl", likely a losing battle, trying so hard to get him to know how much she loves him. Perhaps the part concerning her "skirt flap" may be desperate measures, wearing shorter skirts or more revealing ones to catch his eye in a less than positive way. I think the situation got a /little/ out of hand, seeing as she wants to use, to be honest, lust in order for him to notice how she feels. It's a demeaning path to take. She can't "get hold of her feelings"- she can't let go. She can't stop loving him anymore. Maybe "awakening" is a wake-up call to sense or to love again, seeing as only his kiss or his proclamation of affection would be what brings her back. She's drifting into "lost cause" territory and can't come back until he says or shows he loves her. Love really is war.
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  • u
    Love is war. We want the one we love only pay attention to us and know how much we fight in order to only have him to love us but still boys are insensitive. They didn't see how much we try to win his heart and makes him happy. So, now. We decide that, we wouldnt even give up or cry but keep on moving. Continue to love him. No matter what happen so. Love is war.
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  • j
    Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
    This song represents how I feel so much and I wish to portray it to the one who abandoned me for another. And I am a guy so the skirt flap part of the lyrics would have to be changed in my case.
    After what I have been through this song speaks to me loudly and makes me feel fully aware on how I stand from past events.
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  • u
    This song depicts my actual love for a guy at school, who couldn't see that I liked him, and then my so called "friend" admitted her feelings for him, they got together it pisses me off!, He can't even see how hard I am trying to get him to notice me. So, yeah, love is a hard war to win. But some times love can be difficult and, sometimes we have to let that person go, but when you don't give up, you'll never give up on the person you love, and always will love. I still like the guy, but I can't give him up, it's hard giving up the person you like, but when you finally reach out to him, he'll become only yours.
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