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Doug E. Fresh – I-Ight lyrics

{*majestic trumpets play*

{*DJ scratch: "Do you really wanna party?"*

[Doug E. Fresh]

Work it out, work it out, work it out

Check this out yo, huh!

Up and down.. c'mon


AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYO! I-IGHT?! (repeat 4X)

[Doug E. Fresh]

Yo remix by my man Allstar, check this out

B-b-b-bounce money bounce, only one things counts, huh

{*music* And I'm here to announce

The flex, the X when the wood is erect

And to the Mecca Audio crew, nuff respect

And to the one-one-two, nuff respect

It's time to put, the bugger umm business in check

Cause when I flex for the sex and expect who's next

I see the booty, be bouncin at the discotech

I like to know what I got and where I'm at is all that

Y'knowhatI'msayin? (Why must I, chase the cat?)

Because it's nice and.. fat

So whatchu want money? (Pump it up ha!)

So whatchu want money? (Pump it up ha!)

So whatchu want money? (Pump it up ha!)

So whatchu want money? (Pump it up ha!)

Say what? (Pump pump pump pump me up!)C'mon

[Chorus] - 1/2

[Doug E. - over chorus]

Uhh, I see Brooklyn tryin to get into the joint here too now

Huh, y'know, yo

I call her S-E-X-ee, because she sex me

And there's nobody that can disconnect me

Disrespect me, or try to test me

If he do, you know the boy's through

Because it is a rule

I don't get played or made into a fool

It's boom bye bye with the hands, the tools

or the burner, you got to learn a

lesson, like Ike, taught Tina - (turn away)

Because I'm free with the style so I'm here to stay

The last survivor, hip-hop McGyver

TV show I can't come no liver

with a tick and the kick of the party reviver

And the {*beatboxes*

I forgot about the {*beatbox* here and the {*beatbox* here

{*beatboxes* Throw a hand in the air, c'mon!


[Doug E. - over chorus]


I see Uptown is in here tonight

East coast West coast

Represent.. kick it!

{*sample: "my mouth is for the record and my voice is for the beat

.. for the beat, Doug E. Fresh will make ya move your feet"*

"You don't understand.. I ain't scared of you motherfuckers"

[Doug] I-IGHT?!

"You don't understand.. I ain't scared of you motherfuckers"

[Doug] I-IGHT?!

"You don't understand.. I ain't scared of you motherfuckers"

[Doug] I-IGHT?!

"You don't understand.."

[Doug E. Fresh]

You know

Some people say that they real but they're as fake as a cartoon

The only thing they pop was either gum or a balloon

They jump on fads like it's a wanted rap ad

Hardcore is hittin so now I gotta act bad

But you was just, happy when I seen you in the street

But now you're a killer, and you can't be beat

You used to dance at the parties now you can't move your feet

Because you're scared, that people might say you're weak

And it ain't nuttin worse than a real fake brother

Yes it is, WHAT?A real fake sucka

And if this fits you money, then take your picture

and put it in the frame with your name and your shame

Cause your whole style, is nothin but mad game

You can call me old school, but I'm no fool

Cause back then, at least we had a hip-hop rule

And the rule was you got to be original

But in ninety-three it seems originality

is on the verge of becoming extinct to me

And some of you rappers just stink to me

And none of y'all really seem to think to me

about respect, or no type of dignity

And gettin pimped like a ho by the industry, so..


[Doug E. - over chorus]


Say what?

C'mon, pump it up, yeah

Now now now now watch this..

[Doug E. Fresh]

To the Uptown crew, nuff respect

To my man Shock Dog (I-IGHT, I-IGHT!)

To the Uptown crew, nuff respect

To my man Barry B (I-IGHT, I-IGHT!)

To the Uptown crew, nuff respect

Funkmaster Flex (I-IGHT, I-IGHT!)

To the Uptown crew, nuff respect

Hey, K-Superior (I-IGHT, I-IGHT!)

{*music and lyrics fades out*

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