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Doug E. Fresh – Breath Of Fresh Air lyrics

F/ Illaquoin, K-Superior, Mansone Batez,

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[Doug E. Fresh]

Breath of fresh air, for the nine-pound, c'mon



Lawd have mercy, just gotta say

When me gun a-whistle it'll fly like a bird

Me nah talk a fi mi guns are de words

Hey, call me a [?] a gun my name John Coolfuse

I hit it like y'all tie ya shoes


Check it, search, and destroy the first phony boy to annoy

The new man convoy

You can't represent with the tec the way I represent

With the technique I keep a presidential suite

In every convent, you can't speak or comment

When I bone the freak-ass nuns, your real mind went

[?] Illaquoin, shinin like a diamond

Rhymin.. Like I'm runnin out of time and

The next nigga to move, the next nigga to lose

I leave 'em seein backwards like that nigga Tom Cruise

Dyslexic, cross your eyes, you get the X it

Ain't hard to tell I eat that ass and that's perceptive

I don't need no token to turn-styles

I'm rockwild, lady find your seat and get the fuck out the aisle!


Raise 'em up from the dead, raise 'em up and I'll

Kill 'em again if you're not my friend you feel my hot mac-10

Not my nine or my eight, five six seven

But my mac-11, will have you " All the Way to Heaven"

Keepin it real with the man, who made " La Di Da Di"

Like Chaka Khan, nigga it's on, huh

Cause ain't nobody.. Gonna crush you bet-ter

Get naked for the record!

The name K-Superior easin in without the ointment

Your style couldn't see me if it had a damn appointment

Rags to riches, snitches get stitches

Call Mr. Planters cause I'm nuts about beaitches

I'm a rapper baby, so don't trap with me a cabbage

Now I'm outta here, like a husband in a bad marriage

[Mansone Batez]

Aiyyo [?], Branson, last name Mansone

Bullshit nigs on your style I be dancin

Ever told the glory, days of fat hit

Nigs drop one single but really ain't shit

Bronx, [?] Boogie Down stay pumped

Heads'll get together some real shit from the Bronx

Ninety-four years before you see [?] Brown

Maintain, take the 6 train [?] lockdown

Next on your strap, Todd Black be the style

A straight dummy, comin out the barrel of a pound

Men-tal meltdown to any contender

Not to be hard, but watch your brain I'ma injure



When me gun a-whistle it'll fly like a bird

Me nah talk a fi mi guns are de words

Hey, call me a [?] a gun my name John Coolfuse

I hit it like y'all tie ya..

The dirt out da work [?] get it squashed like a cherry

Blood brain to run just like a strawberry

Tear up in a baka me ready fi kill Satan

Who got tec-9 give me de mac-11

De bigger ya come, is for y'all die ya stumble

Gone and nome y'all me not a no fun crumble

Pop a shot and take ya from ya head to ya ankle

It's like reading Genesis, straight out a chronicle

Turn me gun a-whistle it'll fly like a bird

Me nah talk a fi mi guns are de words

Hey, call me a [?] a gun my name John Coolfuse

I hit it like y'all tie ya shoes

[Doug E. Fresh]

Yeah, move it up, pump it up

[The Diggy Dime]

Yeah, check it out, aiyyo

Bust how, the way that I be flowin is a omen

Cause I leave shit glowin, as if I was the golden

And I'm smokin, boots like a loose Newport

I rip, mics and stages twelve gauges for the sport

And I'm powered, by herb from Uptown, I emerge

Pack more action than the mentally disturbed

[Doug E. Fresh]

Yo! Yo! Aiyyo!

Here ye here ye, class is in session

For those in this profession, it's time to choose your weapons

Pick up a mic, pick up a pen, pick up a tape

You can't escape the last action hero in Timbs but no cape, uhh!

Faster than a speeding bullet, nigga pull it

And one single bound for the nine-nine-pound

Just like a train it's comin strictly underground

Peace to my brother Tupac and all my niggaz locked down..

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